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Just saying hi...

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I haven't been around since Wednesday, when the power company MISTAKENLY shut off our power, and they've managed to find excuses for not getting out here to restore it until Monday!!! It's cold here without heat, about 50 degrees in the house at night, but having 16 cats DOES have its advantages, we had 12 of them on the bed last night!

I am at the library now to check email and all that stuff, and wanted to check in to let y'all know we are alive and well, if chilly, in the dark, and p'o-ed at the utilities.

Miss you guys, will be back on Monday!

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Stay warm Sue!!

But hey, all that candlelight in the evenings has to make for some romantic moods.

Try to enjoy your downtime, it can be fun if you let it be.
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Hi Sue!

Sorry to hear about your lack of power but I hope you and the kitties stay warm till they fix the problem!
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
It's cold here without heat, about 50 degrees in the house at night, but having 16 cats DOES have its advantages,
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Take care! You must be going through withdrawals without email!
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I was wondering where you were and missed you , I am glad you both are ok .Bless your heart Sue . Yes I sure would be ticked off A LOT .
Yeah , candle light a little wine sounds good to me ..... and to be complete kitties all around you
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We're drinking lots of Starbucks, eating fast sfood (since we have no way to cook), and lighting lots of candles.

Thanks for the words of encouragement! Hoping to be back on soon!

PS My lawyer says that since the power was shut off in error, and they promised it would be back on in 24 hours (and it is now 72 hours +), I have legal grounds to sue them. I am not a litigious person, but in this case, we lost a refrigerator full of lood (we had just food shopped the night before), we're freezing, and worst of all, our kitties are cold!

We looked into getting a hotel room for tonight but they're either all booked or waaay too expensive. $125 for one night just to sleep warm and take a warm shower is a lot of money. We're showering cold (brr!) and piling on the comforters and cats.

My session here at the library is about to run out, see ya on Monday!!!

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Oh, I would sue them for financial damages. You probably would not get far with that pain and suffering thing, but the ruined food, and the extra cost of having to eat prepared meals, I would say they should be liable for. What kind of error is that???

I was called by the phone company, they were about to shut off my business phone becuase my bill was overdue. I asked what happened to the $450.00 payment I had sent them. Oops, they had applied it to my toll free number. That number costs me about $5.00 / YEAR! They had me paid up for another 90 years!

Stupid computer errors.
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Dang, sorry about your power situation! Glad you got a chance to stop in though! Don't you love it when utility companies make mistakes and you're still the one that has to wait?? Aaarrrrgghhhh!!
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Oh Sue & Tybalt that sucks!

I'm so sorry to hear that

Keep warm with the kitties!

See you soon! Sam.
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hang in there girl, see you on Monday
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Dang...that just sucks! Sending mega "get warm quick" vibes to you guys!
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