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Wedding in Boston - Ideas ?

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A friend of mine is planning to get married next year in Boston where her family lives. She's a very spiritual person, but does not feel comfortable with the catholic faith of her parents and has been looking, unsuccessfully for someone to conduct her marriage ceremony.

She doesn't want a priest, but she does want a civil ceremony either - ideally she's looking for someone who will bring goodness and spirituality to the ceremony but not organized religion.

She's not finding it easy to locate someone - part of the problem is that she lives here in NJ and isn't that close to Boston. Since she's getting a little depressed about what should be a very exciting time I thought I'd ask the 'board' and see if any of you can help bring a little more joy to her plans !

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Perhaps she could find a non-denominational church/pastor that would be willing to conduct the ceremony? There has to be a ton of them in the Boston area, and they are usually really big churches. At least the ones in my area are.
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Heidi - That's exactly what I thought.

For some reason she's had no luck finding someone -- she doesn't live in Boston and I'm guessing is having a problem knowing where to start. It's a bit tricky just ringing up churches you don't know and talking to people that you have no real insight into with a view to having them at your "most important day" ...

I think she's also a little overwhelmed with the whole thing -- her parents want this huge white wedding for their only daughter but it's not really her thing. The cost, the planning etc are getting her down...so think she's demotivated.

That's why I thought that if anyone here actually knew someone and could make a recommendation or at least narrow the scope of the search it might pick her up a bit.

Thanks for the thoughts though.
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I live in Massachusetts. If you PM me I can send you some information.
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