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When I was growing up, my family always ate dinner together, no excuses. Anything you wanted to do, you did before or after dinner. You had to be at the dinner table and you had to eat everything that was put in front of you. Nowdays, I usually eat at my desk since it is one of the few places the Kitties are not allowed and they all know it.

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We don't have a table even because we don't have room for it. We actually have two dining tables but they're in storage.

I wish we did have room for it though. Eating at the table is so special.
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When I was growing up we always had dinner at the kitchen table. On Sundays, holidays and when company would come over, we ate at the dining room table. We would tell each other how our day went. My mother and father were not strict about no elbows on the table and things like that. The conversation and the laughter flowed freely.

I live by myself, so it feels funny and loney to eat at the table alone. When I go to my sister's house (which is the house I grew up in) we always sit at the table to eat. Even if it is just the two of them, they sit at the table, so she has carried on the tradition of sitting at the table.
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Though Gary and I do not sit down to a table to eat, and we do not always eat at the same time, the one thing we do each day is spend a few minutes together without work going on (I work from home almost all the time, and he works from home frequently - we're partners and work for the same firm), without the TV on (or at least on mute) and we share at least one nice thing that happened to us today or one nice thing we did for "someone" (which can include animals ).

And whenever we are guests at someone's home - or hosting a BBQ or dinner at someone's home (which we do frequently for biz), we share this idea with them and make everyone at the table do it.

It's great for people with kids, because it's so much more than "what did you do at school today?" It's not a fact-oriented thing, it's a qualitative thing, and people are always surprised at what they start learning about each other and their kids that they would never have known otherwise.

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My family also always ate supper at the table and had a homecooked meal that Mother had prepared. We each had our assigned seats and something about knowing that was YOUR seat was comforting. Now, there was no horsing around at the table. The table was for eating only and a little conversation as long as it did not get too off the wall. When you were finished you put your silverware in your plate and told Mother what a good meal it was (even if it wasn't your favorite) and thank you. Now it's just me and the kitties and I eat on the couch while watching TV and shoo kitties away from my plate. I'm sure my Father has rolled over in his grave at such behavior.

However, my Father worked late one night a week, so my Mother would fix my brother, sister, and I Campbells chicken noodle soup and sandwiches for dinner. It was such a treat. Now it a staple.

I would love to go back just one night, and say, please pass the potatoes.
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