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We viewed the new apartment!

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We took a look at it.. and on Friday we are going to go for a final meeting to close out the paperwork so that we can move in. The place is HUGE. It has a fireplace, carport, storage closet outside by the carport, a giant patio that is "pet safe" so I can let the cats go outside and play on it and not worry about them being able to get out. It has a sliding glass door connecting to the patio too! 2 walk in closets! *cheer* a coat closet by the front door, and of course a linen closet. There is only one bathroom but the master bathroom has its own vanity with a sink, medicine cabinet, and mirror. We are up in the hills too.. and our landlady said that the deer come down through our back yard area to come to the front courtyard and eat the apples off of the apple tree.

I absolutely can't WAIT to get into this place. Both Craig and I love it and I just know Bastion, Drew, and Jake will too!

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Wow!!! It sounds lovely!!! Oooohhhh I want deer in my garden!!! (we just get slugs and frogs... ) Im glad it has worked out well for you and your kitties, and the place sounds like a dream!! Nooooo, Im not jealous at all........ ! Hee hee no really , Im glad for you!! Let us know when you move in!!! (If you need any decorating tips ... let me know!!)
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I'm so glad you found a place you love! It sounds like a great place, and if I wasn't so happy for you I'd be jealous! :laughing2:
You know we want pics as soon as you get settled, and be sure and get some of the deer!

Take care and Happy Moving!

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:LOL: Bodlover and I seem to have been typing almost the same words at almost the same time! :LOL:

That just doubles the Good Wishes!

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Thank you Cleo and Bodlover! You know Bodlover... I would absolutely *LOVE* decorating tips. I'm so excited since this is the first place that is ours.. and I can decorate how I want.. before there were always other people and so I had to take them into consideration. SO I'm really excited about decorating it.. and have spoken to Craig about it. Send me a PM and we can talk decorating! Thats one thing I just can't wait to do!!!

Cleo this place is so lovely and I will post pictures asap. However.. she said the deer are typically only seen during the colder months.. so it may be a while before I can get pics of them up!

Thanks again guys!

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Cleo, how weird?!!! - still they say all great minds think alike!! hee hee, and Cass, I will PM you as soon as I can!! (oooooohhhh, colours, curtains, carpets.....now Im excited!!)

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Great news Cassie !!!!! I'm so happy for all of you
Wish I could have such a huge place instead of cramming into my two rooms though.
Can't wait to see the pics honey!!!!
And good luck with decorating it, this is always so exciting!!!!
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Oh and Cleo I love you new avatar
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I thought that about the new pic too! how cute!!!

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Yeah Cassie! I'm thrilled that the apartment turned out to be so great. It is neat having deer, my parents do at their house and the kids and I love to watch them in the morning. Sounds like a great place!
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Could this get any better. Got a phone call today from her. She has decided to lower the rent on the place we are about to rent. Instead of it being $1525 she is only gonna charge $1475. I'm pinching myself every 5 minutes to make sure this is real. Thats super cheap for the area we are in believe it or not. I'm sooooo happy!

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Cassie, Craig and "kids"; What FUN you will have moving and decorating, etc. ! I'm very happy that everything worked out for the new place. (not to mention that I may now have an occasion to use my current "Favorite Smiley" How do you refer to a group of deer smileys? You say, "I herd you laughing. . . . . :laughing2
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3LK thats too cute! I'm glad I'll be giving you an opportunity (sp its too early) to use your favorite smiley! As I can see it wouldn't be often that you could use those!

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That sounds really nice!! Congratulations!! I bet it will be fun to watch your kittens' reactions to the deer! Please let me know. That's one of my fave things about cats- watching their reactions' to something new!! + =
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Wow, Cassie! You never hear of price reductions!

But let me just tell you how happy I am to be in Texas, rather than California, with those prices!

When will you move?
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That is so cool, Cassandra! Decorating is so fun, I think!! What are you going decorate with? What colors? And, that is great the lady lowered the rent!!
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Well the cost of moving is gonna be expeeeeeensive... but we are hoping to be in by the 1st. My days are gonna be busy As for decorating.. that's gonna have to wait a bit because we are gonna be scraping by from the cost. We're estimating it being roughly $5000 to move.

It's worth it though. I may be away for a while depending on how quickly we can get DSL hooked up out there! I will have pictures and everything posted soon!

As for colors.. I'm up for ideas... I'm new to decorating but I aboslutely love it. I used to change my room around every other month when I lived with my parents.. because I loved to decorate and try new looks. :laughing:

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when I bought my townhouse, I was clueless with what to do. I bought Home Decorating for Dummies. it was really good & gave me a TON of ideas.

you could probably find it at www.half.com really cheap.

good luck!
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Wow! That sounds like a dream place! And the rent is not that high for such a wonderful house. In Tel Aviv, you would probably pay double that money for such a large house and a yard with deer (there aren't any, bringing them would be even more costly )
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