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Saturday Daily Thread

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So how's this for a thread title? Instead of DT, which is apparently a bit obscure for new people.

My former upstairs neighbour used to have a n "open door" policy for cats, her door was always open when she was home. After breakfast, Sam would often go upstairs to nap with her.

The new neighbours moved in September 1. Sam still sits outside their closed door and meows every morning. Or not really meows, more like he wails outside their door. He has a long memory. He's never even been in the apartment with the new people.
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Good morning, all!

It's early Saturday morning once again, and I'm trying to type around my cat's tail. He's managed to delete my text twice now, so I may never get this thread started. I think he likes these early weekend mornings with me, that's why he wakes me up so early!

What's everyone got planned for the weekend? I'm going to lunch and shopping today with one of my friends from my last job - I don't get to see her much anymore, so that should be fun.

Ouch! Simba just got mad at me and bit my hand! So much for my theory that he wakes me up because he likes me!! Actually, I think he was just mad because I moved him over so I could get to the keyboard again. He doesn't appreciate it when I move him, and I generally get a hard bite any time I try. I probably should have learned by now.

PS - mzjazz2u, if you're reading this - I spelled out 'Daily Thread' instead of DT on the subject line!
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Sorry, Sammie! I must have been starting a daily thread the same time as you were. Mine just took a while to compose because my cat was trying to help.
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Wow. Synchronicity. Somebody will merge these!
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I'm up early checking the Cat Site before we leave for the weekend.
Going to a band competition today with my daughters high school band. Its her second and should be lots of fun! They have worked really hard and I'm really proud of them all. Wish them luck today at the competition! Looking forward to a great day today. My other daughter is taking care of the cats and dogs while we are gone today, I have been getting food and water dishes prepared this morning before we take off. I will worry about them, but they will have company. I better get scrambling and get things done around here. See you guys tomorrow night! Go Wildcats!
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I'm up too early, for a Saturday. Bill and I are going to Tombstone,today. This weekend is Helldorado Days and I want to see my Katey, my bes' bud.

We were going to stop off and see Mark, Sam and the babies but, Mark is in Las Vegas and Sam is going out, with her mom. Mark is at a Promise Keepers' conference.

I have mixed feelings about Promise Keepers. The notion that a man should work and take care of his family appeals to me but, their teaching that the man is the sole head of the household and should be obeyed, rubs me the wrong way. I don't see Sam as the meek, submissive little wifey. Oh, well, if it helps keep Mark on the straight and narrow, off of drugs and out of jail, I'll live with it. I will NOT be an interfering MIL!

Have a good weekend, all!
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Good mornig all ! Hope today finds everyone doing great ! I don't have anything planned for the day except working, that's what I get for taking a day off in the middle of the week! Ah, well, I can rest tomorrow (I hope). Hope everyone has a great day, and for those of you travelling, BE CAREFUL!
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For once I have nothing planned, except dinner tonight with friends and that's fine with me! Got to sleep late and snuggle with the kitties while hubby is out working. I'm so proud of him. He's an electrician and has been getting a ton of side work lately - and all by word of mouth! He does such a great job and this was a great change for him. The only thing is that he works like a fiend now. Well, tomorrow morning I'll make him a big breakfast in bed!

It's a beautiful day out... maybe I'll go for a bike ride.
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Slept in a little late this morning, was greeted by Kahu who figured out that the alarm wasn't going to go off

Am still in my jammies, drinking cawfee. Yum yum.

Last night I went out to a sushi restaurant with some friends. i am not a fan of sushi. but went along with them for their sake. We were walking to a bookstore and hubby and I looked up into the window of one of the buildings and there was a naked man doing his ironing It reminded me of friends, with the naked man that they used to look at. *shudder*

Bought a book about Alexander the Great - I am fascinated by him.

Plan on going to walmart to buy a cat food storage thing, we buy our cat food in bulk at the pet supplies store and I want to keep it fresher. Only the best for my babies.

Have a great day you guys!
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there ya go, all merged!

I'm sitting here in my jammies as well, trying not to think of the mountain of housework i have to do

Later on a friend is coming over and we're making a trader joes run. then just relaxing at home.

have a great day you guys!
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Slept late as usual, my reward for being retired. Been watching kids tv this morning. Chewy and Teako had a play fight on the couch this morning. Wish I could get a picture but they don't stay long enough. They are up on their hind legs with front legs on each other. It is so cute.
Last nite Chewy got up from the couch and I noticed him sitting on the couch looking at the ceiling. I finally looked to see what had him so interested and there on top of the curtain rod was a mouse. I knocked it off but I don't think Chewy ever found it. It might have been the one he lost the other nite behind the curtain.
I am going to an open house for my pastor tonite and a bowling tournament tomorrow after church. Wish me luck. I need it, I am not very good but I love it.

Have a happy weekend all.
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I just go outta bed & I'd love to spend the rest of the day there! But, I've decided to go home today & spend the night with my folks. Mom really misses me & I miss her a lot too. Nothing real exciting or anything to go back home for, but I'm starting to get a little homesick so that'll fix me up for a few weeks!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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Good morning to all!

I have been up since 7 this morning studying for my upcoming Geology test this week. Mittens is fast asleep next to me (still...) and so is the hubby (now being 11:15) The plan is to clean the house today since we are having company tomorrow night and just hang out and most likely wash our cars since Zack has a state meet up in Austin next weekend. Other than that, I hope everyone has a splendid weekend and get rested up for the busy week ahead!!
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Nothing going on with me. It's supposed to get super hot this weekend, and at 9:20am it's already hot. I guess I'll take my car to the car wash and get it washed. I know, really exciting.
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Originally posted by HopeHacker
Nothing going on with me. It's supposed to get super hot this weekend, and at 9:20am it's already hot. I guess I'll take my car to the car wash and get it washed. I know, really exciting.
Man, you guys should be getting some cool temperatures like us this morning, it is 67 right now!! And it is suppose to be not higher than 80 today! I love this fall weather!
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Morning all you computer weekenders!

I just finished the daily feed. The air is crisp and cool and the horses are full of piss and vinegar. I love watching them gallop around the pasture, tails up and heads high! They so welcome this change on the weather that takes away the heat, the annoying flies and mosquitos, that no matter what I do to try and get them to leave, seem to be here for the duration. They get so frisky. I will go out later and groom them to help bring on their winter coats faster.

The kittens thought our bed was the main superhighway last night, either that or an E-ticket ride at Disneyland! Didn't get much sleep as they bounced all over us most of the night! There will be new pics up in the picture forum soon- they have grown so much!
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Darn phone call woke me up with morning. Of course, Earl grabbed the phone, didn't recognize the caller so he just let it ring. JUST LET ME ANSWER THE DARN PHONE!!! So anyway, he went back to sleep and I'm awake now.

Figured out the bills and we are actually OK this month! YAY!!! Sure helps that $100 was knocked off of our electric bill since we haven't run the AC all month. I really hate this apartment's electric bills. Even with no AC or heat going this month, the bill is still $80. Our bills this summer were $150, $180 and $170. RIDICULOUS!!! The apartment is only 950 square feet! And the management won't do anything about the AC. Whatever, I can't do anything about it.

Question....for those of you who have had financial difficulties in the past (I have - had to declare bankruptcy it was so bad), do you still find yourself thinking "OMG What do I owe now?" when the phone rings and you don't know the caller? Just wondering if I'm paranoid or an oddball or something.
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Morning everyone!

Woke up to itching since I got poison oak a few days ago from chasing down an inujured deer in the woods (I volunteer at my local Wildlife Center) - yuck! Poison oak is evil, evil stuff.

Running errands today, then going to the Sharks hockey game tonight. We're taking my mom with us so that should be fun.

Hope everyone has a great day.
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Man, you guys should be getting some cool temperatures like us this morning, it is 67 right now!! And it is suppose to be not higher than 80 today! I love this fall weather!
Ha ha ha! That's really funny.

You're kidding, right? Because that describes the perfect summer day for me.

do you still find yourself thinking "OMG What do I owe now?" when the phone rings and you don't know the caller?

And I used to lie in bed at night worrying I didn't have my homework done. I thought that being an adult was going to be way less stress!
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Just got back from taking a drive on the blue ridge parkway - a BEAUTIFUL day for it! Will post photos later.
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Woke up this morning (I think) and have done a lot of nothing! I've been organizing my music files and looking for some thing to do for my daughter for Christmas.

Peaches was standing right in front of the computer monitor for a time, so I had to stop and play with her for a few minutes. Luckily, she gets bored after a few minutes so I was able to get back to what I was doing. (Which was nothing!)

It's another beautiful day here in Salt Lake City. We are supposed to be having 80 degree weather again. It has been in the high 60's to 70's the last 4 or 5 days.

5 days and counting! This is going to drive me crazy! Heard from the transporter last night and she is ready. I wonder if Peaches is? It took her almost 3 months to come around after Carmella and Henrietta came! Maybe it will be easier for her the second time around!

Have a great day!
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Hi Guys.

Just woke up.. 9:32am sunday morning ,gosh dang it's so early.

do my chores and then i'm not sure what's planned for the day...

Beach? Perhaps.

I spent 6 hours there with about 20 people yesterday and had the most fun in my life.. but i look like a tomato now LOL!

hugs to all and have a great day.

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We're home. Had a great time, in Tombstone. Got to see a bunch of my old friends. Poor Bill, stuck with Katey and me all day! At least, we were sober. When Katey and I get drunk together, it is a sight to behold. We are evil twins. Thank goodness, Bill isn't the jealous type, with all of the hugs that I got. A large number of my friends are male.

Got caught up on all of the gossip. It seems that my ex and the cyber-slut aren't getting along so well. Both of them are porking up and I guess that she's tired of him spending all of his time, surfing porn sites.

Naturally, I showed off pix of the grandbabies, cats, dogs and new car. MY life is going wonderfully! Isn't karma great?
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Naturally, I showed off pix of the grandbabies, cats, dogs and new car. MY life is going wonderfully! Isn't karma great?
I don't remember who said it - 'The best revenge is living well.'

I had a great day shopping with my friend. We explored a shopping center neither one of us had ever been to, and found lots of great stores. I found three clothing stores that have clothes I really like. I'm waiting to buy new clothes until I lose another 15-20 pounds and get myself toned up a bit. I don't want to have to buy new clothes twice. But I'm getting tired of my baggier-all-the-time wardrobe, and it was fun to look.

Hubby's making dinner, I'm finishing up laundry, then I think we're going to watch a movie tonight. We didn't rent or buy any new DVD's, so might have to watch an old favorite. Sometimes that's the best anyway.
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Hi everyone im up late with a sick daughter
hope she feels better tomorrow
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I hope it's not the flu Sending prayers and keeping our paws crossed that she gets better.

Nada much today. Coffee, some lunch...went somewhere but can't remember, oh, yah, bought that rainbow bridge poem from e-bay for my friend, sent it to Michaels to get it framed, unbelievably freaking expensive!!! I bought the freaking poem for $8, and paid $50 something dollars to get it framed! I am soooo anti-michaels now, that burns my chaps that they are so expensive and to top that off, the lady after seeing my temper flare, tells me "oh but you got the 50% off" :censor::censor::censor:! Anyway...turned out nice, I should have taken a pic of it and shown ya, but my friend's husband came just when we came home and we gave it to him so that he could give it to his wife.

Saw the movie Wrong Turn, dumba** movie!!!! I am not sure why it got any good ratings, I think the movie could have ended at the beginning when the girl saw that the sharp chain was purposely placed in the road to give them a flat tire, I would have left and went back the way I came, instead of walking the way I think I should be walking. And I was soooooo glad that the dumb girl that was all whiney and prissy got killed, I fast-forwarded through most of the movie to see her get killed and skipped all the dumb stuff. Basically dumb movie, so don't watch it! I also don't think I'll ever go to Virgina (it was based in Virgina) LOL!

Oh made my chicken tikka and pulled the meat off to make yummy tacos (yummmy yummy). Then pecan pie and Reeses Peanut Butter cups icecream. I'm starting off this pregnancy on a good start
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I've had bronchitis for about a week now. I'm doing all the right things, being good and not over doing things and getting plenty of rest. And it's still hanging around. And by the end of the day I'm dead tired. I can't do a thing, not even if I tried. And I have tried.

Just spent the day looking through invitations and wedding dresses online. The joys of getting ideas for a wedding while you're living in the middle of nowhere. I have to start looking now even though the wedding is in late 2005-early 2006. I won't have any time next year as I'll be studying...and everything that I want or like is based overseas. though heave to admit, I haven't gone through the phone book for things. And at the same time, why do I have to rack up a high phone bill to find things I want when it's cheaper on the internet.

I'll probably head to the beach later. Or try to.
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Spent some time planning all the things we were going to get done to the outside with the good weather here this weekend then slacked off, took a long walk around our property (the leaves are turning golden and red right now), then parked myself on the patio with a cool drink and watched the sun set.

Oh well, maybe the barn will get painted tomorrow!?!?!
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Originally posted by a_loveless_gem

I'll probably head to the beach later. Or try to.
Mags- How far do you live from the beach?

I spent six hours there today and six yesterday.. I'm SO sore.. LOL

It's been great weather here in NZ
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About 10 minutes away.
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