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what pet do you have.
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I have both cats and a dog.
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Only cats now.
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Only cats right now.

I used to have both cats and gerbils. Which meant closing doors to avoid unfortunate meal choices by the felines.
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cats and a fish called Sardine - 'cos he looks like one! Sardine now lives in a large covered tank now as when he was in a large bowl Dirt would drink the water euk! and i was worried he would just scoop Sardine up with his drink.
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I have 2 dogs, 1 cat, 9 fish, and 1 aquatic frog. I voted 'dog' because I've had them the longest. My true answer would have to be 'most of the above.'
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We have a cat and a dog. I voted dog because we got her first.
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12 cats and a tank full of fish.

I voted for cat.
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I vote cats , but also have dogs .
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See below.
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I have both cats and fish
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I have 3 cats, 5 by next Thursday. When I lived in Michigan I had a 100 gal saltwater aquarium with lots of fish and a couple of dogs. The dogs both died well before I came here and the fish I sold because I didn't think they'd make a 2000 mile trip very well in the hotest part of the summer.
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Right now just cats.

I hope to eventually have a dog and some fish.

Used to have Budgies (Parakeets), fish and hamsters.

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Two Siamese fighting fish, two kitties, and one water snail.
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Cats, Dogs & Rats!
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2 dogs, 12 cats and fish!
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Just one cat now - he prefers being an "only child".
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2 cats, 2 goldfish, 2 guinea pigs and a hamster. Soon to come is a Siamese Fighting Fish. I owned them in the past and want one again- they are so beautiful.
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I have 2 cats.
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I voted cat.
I have 3 cats, see below, and 3 bettas (aka Siamese Fighting Fish), up on our refridgerator (to avoid the curious cats from tipping them over), LOL.
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11 Kitties Here.

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5 cats, 2 dogs, and a foster puppy looking for a permanent home
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sorry I for got to post I have one cat her name is angel
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One black lab and one kitten. There are only 3 weeks age difference between the two of them.
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I have fish and cats.......the poll only took one.....LOL
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cats and mice
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I have 8 cats and 9 tarantulas
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Can't vote because I have both cats and fish.
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I have 1 dog and 2 kittens, but I voted dog as I've had him (Cisco) the longest!

I didn't put anything down for horses but my neighbours horses have adopted us!
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