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My new camera

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I finally decided that I needed a cute little digital camera for home. I have been using the work camera, but its big and old, and has paid its dues. And I don't always remember to bring it home at night. So these are the test shots. I went looking for models, and found these. And, by the way, this is the first time that Sam has allowed Bailey to share "his" new couch, that I bought for him in the summer. I thought it was a nice saddle back couch. Turns out its a nice cat back couch. He fits very nicely in the saddle portion. And from there can look out the window to survey his subjects.
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Here is the master of the house.
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And his loyal subject. Doesn't she look happy?
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how cute . They look like oh oh there she got a new toy
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they are adorable
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Here are more of Bailey, looking very fluffy.
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And another
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Wow, your cats are beautiful!!
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Very cute! What kind of camera did you get? It looks like it takes pretty good pictures. I'm pretty happy with my new camera too. I was surprised how good the pictures are.
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Pretty babies!
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It's a Pentax Optio, 3.2 megapixel. Apparently Pentax is about to release a new model with upgraded features, so this was a very good price, about $100 less than others with similar fetures and less than it was earlier in the year. I need the really high resolution for work, but I see that even when I reduce the image size for posting here, it still looks good. And today I played with the various settings and found that I can take pictures in room light, without the flash, and have them turn out with really true colour, not that yellowish overtone you usually get.

I am really pleased.

The cats, however, are starting to run away when they see me coming.

Oh, and the cats say thanks for the compliments.
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Your cats look very cozy on the couch. It took this long for Sam to share with her?
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What beautiful kitties! I can't get over how much Sam looks like Peedoodle!
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Cute Kitties and good pics!!

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I can't get over how much Sam looks like Peedoodle!
I know, its really uncanny! Especially that pic of Peedoodle sleeping on the couch, that could be Sam! But don't tell him, he think's he's special.

And yes, it took months for Sam to share the couch. He is very possessive, and Bailey is quite timid. But persistent. However, if she gets too much out of line, he just eats her food.

And thanks for the compliments, I am very very pleased with this camera. I spent all day learning all of the features. For work, of course. And I take no credit at all for the cats, they spend hours every day resting and grooming to look like that.
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