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Me and my three

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Hello all!

First off, I want to thank those that answered my earlier post in the health and nutrition section. I said it there, but I'll say it again. This place is the greatest! I couldn't be happier to have found all you guys!

Okay, now that the gushing is over, here's to an introduction:

First and formost are the cats. I've three of them living with me right now. In no particular order we have-

Alexis Reya, more commonly known as Lexi. She is a 7 year old spayed female, rather overweight (though try telling her that), who mostly enjoys laying around the house. Not the friendliest of cats, still, she has her moments, and I personally wouldn't trade her for a million bucks.

Tobias Nathanial, also known as Toby. Toby is also 7 years old, but is a month younger the Lexi. He is a neutered male, and the subject of my posts to the health and nutrition board. He is something of a dainty cat (my brother calls him wimpy) and just manages most days to tip the scales at 7 pounds. He also enjoys laying around the house, but when the mood hits him he'll turn into a little turbo machine, at which point it's a good idea to put away anything breakable. I like to refer to Toby as my little 'lover'- he loves nothing better than a warm lap to lie down on, and a kind hand to rub his belly. He also can purr louder than any cat I've ever met before or since.

Zachias Heratio, who prefers to go by Zac. Zac is the newest addition to the family, and is almost three months old. He's also the most expensive, seeing as how Mom here (that would be me) had to part with extravagent amounts of money to combat his poor health when he first came to live with Lexi and Toby and me. Alls well that ends well though, and as it turns out, I needed Zac more than I needed the money anyway. Zac is a little firecracker, now that he's healthy, and though one can catch him at the occasional cat nap now and again, he prefers to be in motion. Zac is still working out whether he's going to be friendly or not. So far, he seems to be leaning in that direction. He also can purr quiet well when the mood hits.

Well, that ends the cat intro. My intro is as follows:

My name is Jamie, and I live in West Michigan, in a home I just bought about 2 months ago. I am single, and enjoy being so. I am currently 27 years old. My hobbies include improving my home, reading, knitting, crocheting, and lazy-pace bike riding. I strongly disliked cats up until I got my first apartment, and the only pet I was allowed was a cat. So, I got myself a kitten for company, and my whole world changed. My dog loving family is disgusted with me still, even after 7 years.

I think that shall about do it. For those who got this far, thanks for reading! I hope to find many more reasons to post. Til then!
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Hello and welcome and it is nice meeting you .
To bad that I only can see red x where the pictures are
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Welcome to the site! I'm glad you were converted to the cat-loving world. I'm a convert myself. I never disliked them per se, but I preferred dogs.

Your fur-family sounds just wonderful! I look forward to getting to know you and all three of these wonderful kitties on the board!
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Hi Jeamy and Welcome!!
Can't see the pictures of your Kitties, tho.

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Hello and Welcome to TCS to you and your kitties.
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hello and welcome ! Looking forward to pics we can see in the future !
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Hello and Welcome to TCS!
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Okay, I've been playing around trying to get this picture thing to work, and I think I've got it, so, here they are:



and Zac-

There they are!
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awwww they are all so cute , it was worth the wait for the pics.
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Welcome - your cats are adorable!
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Welcome Jamie! Your babies are beautiful!

I'm originally from Michigan myself. Born in Midland, moved to Traverse City when I was 20 until I was 40 and now in Utah.
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Welcome! What beautiful kitties, thanks for sharing their pics!
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Awww.Welcome.They are sooo precious.
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Tobias has a gorgeous color- all your cats are pretty.
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hello and welcome from the UK
your furbabies are so sweet - I especially like Lexi (then I would as she has the same name as me - Alexis) I can certainly relate to her laying around the house stuff - thats what i like best too! the others are totally cute too
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Hi Jeamy,
Welcome. I'm new here, too. I have 2 fur friends now. My family also is stacked on the side of the dog-lovers. They call me the cat-lady. At least one of my sons just adopted a kitten, though I think he would get a dog if he could. I never had a cat until I adopted Lucy 8 months ago. I don't know now how I got along without them!
Best wishes for your cats.
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Welcome to TCS! Love the names of your kitties and they are gorgeous!!
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Hello Jeamy and welcome
I am new here too, but enjoy it very much. I have 8 very happy kittes Tommyboy, Aurora, Little Roar, Cinnamon, Shadow, Tabby, Katrina and Amber
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Hi Jeamy,

You have a very cute kitty family. Glad you got the pics to work.

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Hi Jamie and welcome to the site!

Better keep a close eye on Lexi as Sicy just LOVES gray cats!

You're furbabies have such beautiful colours and I know what you mean by a very loud purr, my Aragorn purrs up a storm. He purrs so loudly we can't allow him in the bedroom as his purring keeps us awake at night!
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