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Final Fantasy XI

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I just read about this game and I'm drooling all over my keyboard.

I'm such a fan of the Final Fantasy games and now they made this one an online RPG. I'm so freakin excited!!!!

Anyone else a fan? I'm sure there are some gamers out there!!!

For a second I thought this smiley was giving the finger but he's making an L on his head!
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Well I'm not a big fan, but I'm definitely a gamer. The last Final Fantasy game I tried was VIII, but I always check out reviews and previews of what's going on in that series. It's interesting how you'll be able to choose how your character looks, right down to the height, weight and facial features. Then I'd be able to make the character look just like me: 4 foot 3 inches high, 400 pounds, sporting a greasy, stringy, skirted eggshell haircut on my otherwise shiny bald head.

It's going to cost a lot to buy a hard drive just to play the game though. I wonder what the online co-op would be like because I really favour co-op games. They are few and far between. Fable for the Xbox is not online I don't think, but it will have a co-op mode. Your character will also subtley and even drastically change appearences based on how you behave in the game. Apparently, the NPC's will also react to you based on your ever compounding reputation. If you're an evil type character, the computer characters might not talk to you when you come back into town, or even run away. If you're good, you will experience things differently, maybe even different quest types or something. I'm really curious as to how my character might turn out.
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I HATED FFVIII, but I LOVE FF IX and FF X. I cant wait to see this one and FF X-2!
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None of the FF can beat FF7. I don't care if the CG is not as good as the others!
I must admit tho, I enjoyed FF10 and can't wait for X-2!
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If it's Final Fantasy.......I will play it! It's really the only game I enjoy playing!
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yayi - FF VII was GREAT! It is my favourite one also!
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I bought Kingdom Hearts for PS2 only because there were FF characters.It was fun challenging and fighting Cloud, Squall,Aeis, Tidus, Wakka,etc.
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We bought Kingdom hearts too, though we haven't gotten around to finishing it.

I haven't ever played FF, but I have watched others play it and the animation has come a long way since the first one. Though, I am tempted to play the online game. I play RPG's more than anything and I love MMORPG's. Playing the game and meeting people along the way.

Though I would love to hear more as to how the beta is going.
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I just went to the site. Beta has finished!

It will be all online from the 28th of October for whoever is lucky to get their hands on a copy of the game and be able to play. That's like NINE days away provided that there are no delays.
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I love Kingdom Hearts - I am playing it for the second time now.

I love RPGS too - got a boatload of them for playstation and not enough for ps2
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