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Likes the garbage can

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So my Jordan's new thing is tipping over the garbage & looking for things to eat. It started when after they both had diarreah I was feeling small amounts 3 times a day to help their colons relax. So I think he was mad or hungry while I was at work & not only tipped it over, but then spread it all over my kitchen. Well they have since gotten better & I'm back to leaving a full cup of food for them both every morning (they are 4 & 5 months old). Silly me thought this behavior would stop. Obviously I don't want him doing this not only because it's a mess for me to clean up, but I'm also worried about his health. Someone suggested that I need to get a garbage can that has one of those lids that only opens when you step on it. Would that really work. or would he dump it over any way? Any other suggestions? I don't really think it's a hunger thing because there was still food left in his bowl last night when he went in the garbage can. Maybe it's just a kitten thing & its' been so long since I've had a kitten I forgot about this crazy stuff.
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I think a differend garbage can with lid would help . He will still check it out though . This stage of his age I would like to call it a discovery age and thats what it is . Even though the kitten will grow out of that age , he may still try to do it later on remembering all the fun he had . So a lid would help , at least he wont be able to open it .Also it would be good to have it against a wall , so it wont tip over easy . Or maybe even place it in a cabinett unter the sink is good .
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I use a can with a lid (rubbermaid) - the kind you roll up the top flap. My cats don't get into it at all, but will jump into the bathroom garbage cans without lids. Kitchen garbage can be dangerous to cats if you put things like chicken bones in there - better to be safe!
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I would get a secure can with a tight fitting lid. That way if the can gets knocked over, nothing spills out. Or get a trash compactor. I have one of those and absolutely love it!
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Works for me. I have a taller one in the kitchen that I empty smaller ones into. My cat likes to look through trash too, hoping to find stuff to play with. She loves dental floss, well balled up kleenex.
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Originally posted by gold2k
She loves dental floss
My cats enjoy dental floss too. That is why I never ever leave it in an open can. Dental floss (and strings and rubber bands) can be deadly to cats because they may not pass completely through their intestines if injested. They can tangle or even slice their intestines and, if this is the case, it will take surgery to remove it.

In my house we use the garbage disposal for food waste and keep dry waste in a trashcan we keep inside a nice wooden bin.
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Thanks for all the replys. I'm going to make a trip to Wal-Mart tonight to see if there is something that will be harder for him to get into. Right now I just have the kind where you push the top in. Well he jumps on the table (another thing I'm trying to break him of) & then steps onto the side & tips it right over. I've though of putting a brick in the bottom so it won't tip so easily, but then I was afraid that he would fall in & not be able to get out so I decided I'll just go get a differnt can. Unfortunatly it's an apartment so I can't put in a disposal, & the cabinet under the sink isn't big enough for a garbage can.
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