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Should I be concerned????

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I just cleaned out the litter box (as is the highlight of my every day )and I noticed that NEITHER kitty had, well, poo'ed. Neither one! The box was poo-free. Should I be worried about this?

I did recently (within the last week and a half or so) change their dry food to Iams Hairball care. But they've been fine up until today.

Any ideas???
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I wouldn't panic just yet. Sometimes they get a little constipated with a food change, and it will probably be tonight or tomorrow that they poop. If they havn't gone by tomorrow, you can give them 1/2 teaspoon of veggie oil, and it will get things moving.
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I may be wrong here but Pumpkin also can help.

I'm not familiar with vegetable oil, but it may help. (Can't you tell I'm still a newbie at cat ownership?)
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Unless there is a chance they have gone elsewhere - do they go outside at all? More than 3 days without a poo is cause for a little concern. You could try giving a tin food (fishy flavour) or adding some oil to their food. Vegetable is ok but parrafin oil is the best for constipation. You can either mix it into their food or syringe it directly into their mouth if you only give dry food. Cod liver oil is also good. Otherwise you could purchase some CatLax or Nutrigel (do you guys have that in the US?) from a pet store or vet and administer that twice a day for a few days. If they havent gone number 2's within 5 days they need veterinary attention - the longer they are left constipated the harder the feces become inside the intestines which can cause a lot of discomfort and it can become a pretty complicated procedure "emptying" them.
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patches does the opposite....as soon as it's cleaned out
that's when she decides to use it
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All is well with the world once again. My guys have resumed in being poo machines and I am no longer concerned with the state of their litter box. In fact, I'm kinda missing the old days......

HAHAHAHA! Naw - they're fine now. But I really appreciate the advice. I also now know what to do in case it happens again. Thanks guys!
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