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Cat in a box

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I've seen others here say how their cats love cardboard boxes too. My Noelle is always getting into them. Well, today she proved it's not the size of the box that matters...
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ahhh, wwhat a sweetie, I dont know what it is about kitties and boxes, but they do love them.
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Awww... what an adorable kitty. She looks all comfy and cozy in there. It's just so sweet when they think that the box must be for them.
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What an adorable photo!
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That's adorable. I think the smaller the box, the better they like it.
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that is adorable. she is convinced she fits and thats all that matters!
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Ice Man in the Box

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Indy Jones in the Box

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Blu in the Box

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Babe in the Box

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Buni in the Box

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awwww she's so cute! I guess she's right... size doesn't matter!
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What cute pictures of kitties in boxes! Trent adores boxes as well - no matter what size they are. Although, if they have tissue paper in them they are just that much better.
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patches loves boxes too and she likes laying inside of
paper bags
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Omg! Cute pics everyone!
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A box of Peaches.
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