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Revolution ?

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Does any body have try the Revolution befor ? I was thinking about switching from Frontline Plus to Revolution . It is supose to help beside the flea problems also heartworm and earmite . I am consernt with my cats going out in the cat enclosure and bit by mosquitoes and may getting heartworm . So please any body know something or try it out ? Is it save for my babies to use ???
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The rescue organizaion I foster for uses Revolution. It is safe for cats starting at a younger age than Frontline. My experience with it is minimal but it seems to work. My vet does not recommend it, though, because if you treat with Revolution for fleas but have a heavy ear mite infection you would not be able to administer any other medication for the earmites. My personal opinion is that if the earmite infestation is not severe, than the revolution will work. But if the animal is heavily infested, treat with traditional mite medicine before applying the Revolution.
Gee, I hope that made some sense.
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Thank you Jen and yes it made sense to me
I am manly interested for the flea and heartworm protection , as far as I know none of my cats have any earmite infection . But living here in the south , heartworm are a problem and consern .
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I have nothing but really good experience with Revolution. The only downfall it has is that it doesn't work on Deer ticks.
If anyone were using for earmites, the dose isn't the same as the regular application. It's applied the once, and then 2 weeks later another application is used. The reason some people use it rather than the traditional ear mite treatments, is because it's less stressful for the cat putting a topical between the shoulder blades rather than putting medication into the ears.
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Thanks Sandie , it sounds good to me . I think the next time I go to the vet I will talk to him about it and hopefully he say's it is good for heartworm protection , then I sure will get it for my babies .
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Originally posted by Sandie
If anyone were using for earmites, the dose isn't the same as the regular application. It's applied the once, and then 2 weeks later another application is used.
I wish I would have known that.....
My last 2 strays were infested with earmites and the SPCA treated them by cleaning out their ears really good while they were under for spay/neuter and then giving me 3 tubes of Revolution for each of them to put on once per month for 3 months. A year later, live earmites were found in Chieves ear at his annual exam. I assume they were still there from his original infestation. Just to be safe my vet had me treat all of my cats.
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I would only ever use Revolution, it is definitely one of the best products around and does everything and is really safe and easy to use. I think it is a godsend!
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We use Revolution for our outside cat. We live in an area that is high risk for hws and fleas and Revolutions has worked well for the past few years.
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Thank you guys , you are all great help to me . Now i don't even will ask my vet , I just go there and buy Revolution .
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I'm glad you decided to make a post on this.Sorry I couldn't help you out more the other day.
Looks like everyone has had good results with it.
Glad you got the answers you needed.
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Thanks vettech for your help , that was so nice of you answering my pm . Yeah , TCS is great and all the people here Thank you all again , you all were great help for me .
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You've obviously already gotten an overwhelmingly positive response, but I'll just add to it.

My parents have indoor/outdoor cats and swear by Revolution.
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Thank you ataraxia for your info .

I think most people don't know it yet . Most people use the Frontline or Atvantage .
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