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Found stray that might be pregnant.

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I found this female cat outside of my apartment door. I put some food down for her and she scarfed it down. Now the question I have is this. If a cat is pregnant, and I'm talking maybe three weeks from delivery, can she still have signs like she is in heat? whenever I pet her by her tail she does the walking thing with her back feet. It could just be a full belly, I hope, but if it is I don't think she would have scarfed the food down like she did. She doesn't look over six or seven months either. I took her to the vet, but they said bring her back monday when the doctor would be in.
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I've seen cats do the "walking thing" when not in heat. Is there a way you can keep her inside until you get her to the vet? If she is in heat, you don't want her to be pregnant, particularly at her young age. If she is pregnant, have you thought about what you are going to do with her?
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I would love to keep her inside, but I have EIGHT other cats in the house and my vet couldn't give her the fiv/felv test untill mon. I could keep her in the bathroom, but the other cats could still make contact with her from under it. I live in a loft apartment so I cant close off the bedroom and then the bathroom so as to have two rooms seperating them. I really don't know what to do right now. I can't just let her back outside. Isn't there some airborn viruses or diseases that could infect other cats even if you had the stray locked in the bathroom?
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I use my backporch for quarantine and close the door. If I'm in doubt on their health I plug up the 1/2 inch opening at the bottom of the door with a board. Anything airborne usually comes from sneezing and if she isn't doing that, you should be OK.

Thank you for taking care of this baby! Is there a rescue group in your area that can help you with the mom and/or her kittens?
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Awhile ago I tried contacting some of the no kill shelters in the DFW area and they said that they weren't taking cats. If I take her to the ASPCA will they put her to sleep? I mean how long do they usually put them up for adoption before putting them down? I've got three cats that I need to get good homes and I don't have the first clue on how to go about doing it. They don't get along with my others and I'm kept awake at night by the awful sound of fighting cats.
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Some shelters that are overwhelmed will PTS very soon. Suggest you call around to vets in your area to find rescue groups that will help. They like to help folks that are taking an active part in trying to save an abandoned pet. Start with cat specialist type clinics. Also, here is some information that I received from Best Friends on finding homes for a pet:

For more advice on locating a new home, you might want to read our guide called "How to Find Homes for Homeless Pets." You can download this booklet from our website at:


I hope this helps!
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Thank you so much for the help!!!!! I will read it all tonight wile the very full or very pregnant cat sleeps on the back porch in a kennel with a warm fluffy blanket and a big bowl of food!!
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