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my cat is approximately 14 years old and for the past month or so has begun vomiting on a daily basis. Could this perhaps be due simply to old age or is there an underlying health problem? Has anybody experienced this with their cat?
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Vomiting can be a sign of a number of diseases (or start of a disease) in an older cat. Some, if not treated early enough can be life threatening. I suggest you get your baby to a vet for tests. I can't even speculate on what could be happening to your boy.
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I agree with Momofmany here. (I may be overstepping my knowledge here - I'm still learning).

Questions: Is your cat keeping down water or not? Is it just food that you see or not? If he/she isn't keeping down water you need to get him immediately because he/she can be dehydrated.

It can be a sign of something serious, so please take your kitty to the vet ASAP for tests. Its not too uncommon for older cats to have problems.

I had the same problem for a short time with my 17 year old Sphinx. It was found out by trial and error (all blood tests and xrays came back fine) that he had only food allergies.

Hope this helps.
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I third the vet visit- it is important based on two things, the cat's age and the fact that the cat is vomiting daily.
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I also have to agree that your baby needs mdical attention as soon as possible. At your cats age it could be a multitude of things and dehydration is a very real threat. Vomiting is a common symptom of renal failure and if this is the case then he can definitely not afford to become dehydrated. Of course there is a possiblity that he has an upset stomach from something else but its definitely worth taking your cat for a full health check including bloods and urinalysis.
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Precious did this and we took him to the vet and they said that
he just had a bad care of hairballs.
about 2 months down the road he starting throwing up blood
so i took him back and that's when we found out that he
had cancer
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