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a big thank you

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I just want to say a BIG thank you to all of you. Not for anything in particular but for all you good advise on cats and other things. I joined this group very recently and hardly a day goes by that I dont check up on things. I am beginning to recognise who thinks what and who has the answers to certain questions. I've smiled and laughed at some of the pictures and stories and cried at the heartbreaking ones feeling very helpless. I dont 'know' any of you and live thousands of miles away from most of you but its like you are all next door! Its nice to know that such a diverse bunch of people can just get along without any meanness and malice whatever the circumsances. So i just felt like saying thanks.
When i learn how to use my camera linked to the computer etc i will post photos of my bunch and hope you like them.
all the very best to you all.
lots of love from the UK
alexis (tulip 54):flower:
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Can't wait to see pictures!
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I'm so glad you feel that way. I enjoy TCS very much and as many people have said - it is addictive. So many helpful and caring people post on this site. We may not all agree on politics and such, but we all love our furbabies - that is our common link. Also, there is so much concern and caring about each others lives. Welcome and I look forward to getting to know you.

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Glad you have found a 'home' here at TCS. I'm moving this to our feedback forum for everyone to enjoy!!
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Ive got to get to grips with the photo thing over the weekend for a web site I a building, and I have spent a fortune on Paint Shop Pro, so when I get fed up with that - watch out kitties!!!!!
Have to do some reading up as well as to how to post them - I have seen some info on another forum. So fingers crossed and will have my little stars in print
thanks for the encouraging words
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