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Where is Mr. Cat?

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I'm fairly new here and am still learning who the different members are. I have always enjoyed Mr. Cat's comments -- I think his personality was the first one that stood out to me -- but, I haven't seen him post in a while. Is he still around?
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Mr.Cat went to a wedding & will be returning on the 20th.
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Mr Cat is on vacation, I beleive he's due back on the 20th?

I miss him too, and he's missed a lot in the past week...he'll be reading threads for days when he gets back! :laughing2:

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I'm back! Thanks for missing me, Lots O Cats. I missed being here (but thankfully I also missed the latest mud-slinging contest).

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HE'S BACK!!! I FOUND HIM!! (does that mean I get to keep him?) :laughing2:
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Welcome back Mr. Cat.

How was the wedding? That is where you were right?

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That's a brave little smile up there, as I've become quite depressed over the state of affairs here at The Cat Site. Bullying and intolerance are prevalent enough in this world; and I cannot bear to witness more of it. I've got to think about my participation here. Please give me a few days to do so. Thank you.

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When you find that corner of the world where conflict never erupts and tempers never flare, do book me a reservation.

Speaking as a person who was caught in the crossfire, I'll say that it is more a matter of how we deal with each other to resolve differences, appreciate that those differences exist, and hopefully learn a little bit more about ourselves and others each time the whole thing goes a bit awry.

It's a Catch-22. If you stay on best Sunday manners and superficial with others, you'll probably sidestep conflict your whole life. But if you risk getting to know others well, there are bound to be times when the @#$% hits the fan. I'm not saying that name-calling and barb slinging are acceptable, but it's human.

Raise your hand if you never "lost it" in your whole life and said something you regretted later. Keep those hands up because I want to shake them. And if you're married with your hand up, put it down, you're lying.

That's my 2 cents on the issue, and I'm sticking with it.
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Oh Deb....I TOTALLY agree with you on what you just said!
How profound! And how true!!!!
Mr. Cat....please don't leave us, just because we occassionally have some heated disagreements here, and some accidental flaming may go on.
We all are human...and sometimes we get caught up in the moment, and our feelings not our brains take over, (I have been there, several times) and we say things we shouldn't, or maybe it's not that we have said something we shouldn't (because some things need to be said), but maybe we could have said them in a less abbrasive way.
Many of us are guilty (me too) of getting our feelings hurt, or of taking offense at a thread, (rightly or not rightly so)....but the main thing is....we really all are friends here.
We really do all care about each other. Please don't ever leave us, Joe....we would miss you terribly. We just have to stick together here, through good and bad times! Thats what real friends are for!
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Thank you for the encouraging message! No, I'm not leaving the site. I'm just a bit slow getting back on track here. I've taken to heart what you and Deb 25 have posted. It'll just take me a while to get up to speed in responding to threads, et cetera.


While away, I missed about five pages-worth of threads! Help! So, I thought I'd start at the "back" and work my way forward. After wading through two days of threads, I fell to the floor in a miserable heap of exhaustion (not really). Now, I'm running in circles wringing my hands and shouting: "What to do? What to do?"

Maybe I'll start at the beginning. No, maybe I'll start in the "middle" and work both ways. No, maybe. . . .

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It's your own fault for turning off your email notification. At least that would've given you a place to start.
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We're just all really glad you back Joe!
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I for one have really missed you. Don't feel bad, I also missed out of whatever the hoopla was all about, and don't really care.
I do though enjoy your comments and glad you had a safe trip.

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Lots O Cats, Air Princess, Cleo, Three-Legged Kat, SWalker, Deb25, Debby and Jeano369: I appreciate your welcome-home words! I'm glad to be back. I had a great time during my travel, including two excellent flights, but it's good to be home with my feline friends (who even now are at hand while I write this).

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