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My Cat Paintings

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There a bit tricky to do but these are some cat paintings I've done using my PC paint box there done using the paint spray can so you basically build up the picture with digital colour .

It's quite relaxing to do , anyone else had a try at using their PC paint box to create art   ?


 to do

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I haven't tried yet, but wanted to tell you that yours are really sweet.

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I have created one picture in MS Paint, but I've created many in Photohop CS3 and CS6.
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I had a go at another one this is supposed to look like my friends cat Kipper although I think it looks more like a bear than a cat .:lol:File source:

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They are all very nice, I have no talent in doing something like that at all.

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Merlin 2000. I love your work. If they were at an art show for sale I'd buy them. Do you do other cat art?
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