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Being Lazy?

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Peedoodle was watching the birds and squirrels - he actually sits like that when he is looking out the window, and then he goes to sleep he stays there.

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that is so funny
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love it, I will have to catch mine in the odd postions they lay in.
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Now he is awake and watching - same position!

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Seeing that first pic actually made me yawn - the power of suggestion!
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That is too funny! He looks comfy.
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Great pics Kellye!
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Great pictures. Thanks.
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That's so sweet! And funny!
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he sure has not changed much
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: He just looks sooooo comfy
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That's funny. He's able to sleep with his paws on the sill? I guess he doesn't want to miss a thing. He looks ready to go in an instant.
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he's a beautiful cat
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OMG Kellye! Cute pics!
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