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My cats missing? In the snow?

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I didn't know what to put this under, honestly. I really need advice, it is nearly 4:30 in the morning, I let my spayed cat outside as usual, and normally she comes right back, it's been hours and she still hasn't come back, and I'm seriously heartbroken because I am extremely close to my cat.

Is there any tips maybe on how to find her? She's probably freezing out there and I cant do anything.
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Heya... Am sorry to hear kitty has gone awol.  Please don't panic yet tho... cat's have such a habit of finding somewhere warm and dry to shelter. Mine goes into a neighbour's house sometimes if it starts raining or something. Luckily they love him and don't mind at all & always tell me when he's visited. You'll probably find that she will come home when she is hungry.


You could go out and call her, but as it's so late at night, please be safe yourself. Anyone that could go with you?


Keeping my fingers crossed

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It is terrifying when they don't come home as expected. But most turn up within 24 hours. I am moving this thread to Cats SOS where you may get more suggestions on what to do if she doesn't turn up safely. Meanwhile, many vibes.
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Please don't worry too much. My spayed female cats regularly disappear for a while if the weather is bad. I think they find somewhere safe and warm to hole up and they come back when they are ready.


Wait until the morning and then have a look for any footprints in the snow, I'm sure she won't be far away and if there has been a fresh snow fall you'll be able to see if there have been any other animals around at night.


And she won't freeze, cats have that wonderful fur to keep them warm.

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Great news guys, princess is home safe and sound. I had stayed up til 6 am last night looking for her. I had finally passed out and this morning she still wasn't back, naturally I was more upset because she still wasn't home. I went out with the treat bag and shook it around in my back yard. To my surprise, I heard her meowing, but she wasn't coming. I thought for sure she was hurt and she couldn't come, I traced the sound to my landlords yard, which is beside my yard. I hopped the fence and called her and seen she was stuck under his shed, we know that she normally gets under there because there's a hole she can crawl into, but the hole was covered with snow, I uncovered the hole and had to call her, she came running out, and I swear I have never been so happy in my life. Thank you all for your help, it really did help me for the night as I was in tears
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That's really good news. I'm glad to hear she is safe and sound.

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Fab news! Pleased for kitty and you :-)

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I am so happy to hear that! Give her some extra treats for Christmas!
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