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A long shot........

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I know this is a very long shot but if there is anyone in Melbourne Australia who could help me find or a give a beautiful 6 year old female calico a home please please please let me know. Tosca's situation is becoming very dire and I am afraid I am running out of options to rehome her. Please let me know, she is an angel and had had such a tough life but remains so sweet natured and would be eternally grateful for the security of a real family who love her.

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I found her a home!!! Yay, I am so happy. I guess no other aussies on the board but thanks anyway.
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I am so happy to read that you have found a home for her
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So glad you found her a home!
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Thanks guys. This has been so stressful, today Tosca's new owners rang me and said they couldnt keep her because she and her kitten were not getting along. I was so mad-it hadnt even be 24 hours of course they arent going to be best friends. Anyway to cut a long story short I tried to convince and gave her lots of advice her but she was not listening, I even posted links to the info on this board about introducing new cats. So I had to pick up Tosca (an hour each way) and she is so damned stressed out, I feel so sorry for her. This is her 5th home in less than a month and she is now at my house so make that her 6th home.

But I think I have a happy ending - A relative of mine will take her tomorrow!! And I figure being a relative and all she will definitely listen to me and not give up quite so easy. She has also had "problem" cats before so she may be better at dealing with Tosca's stress which presents as aggression but its really not. She is such a beautiful girl and really affectionate but she has been through so much and this is showing. I am afraid with each move she is becoming more and more disheartened and distrustful and that is so not her. Please keep her in your thoughts that this will finally be her last and furr-ever home! Thanks.
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Heres hoping its 7th time lucky! Im sure it will be what with it being a relative and all.
fingers (and toes) crossed that all goes well - keep us posted
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I'm hoping this home works out for her.
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I am so sorry it did not work out with that lady and her cat . You are right , she did not even try at all . I hope your baby will be ok by your relative and be her old self again after settle in .
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I hope the next home works out for her.
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Wow poor baby!! I wish you all the luck Nat.
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I sure hope this home is indeed Tosca's forever home. Poor girl!
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Thank you for all your words of support for Tosca. Well she had just about torn me to shreds when I put her in her cage for another car trip to yet another home this morning. She is really p'eed off. I was like "please behave, please behave" as I dont want her new owners to think she is a nutcase. She really was very sweet before all this started. Anyway, we got there and put her in a room with a tray and some food and all of us and she was scratching at the door and the windows trying to get out and growling in between. Their other cat was standing behind the door and sticking her paws under and Tosca went nuts. The stress!! But the other cat is also a torti so either they will hate eachother or hopefully come to a mutual understanding as I think Tosca would definitely like to see herself as top cat.

I was like "oh god, they are never going to want you" and then her new "mum" came in and started talking to her and Tosca really started talking back and then started rubbing on her and even did happy feet!! This woman is amazing, she was so good with her and when Tosca was growling and hissing she handled her so well and was so undersanding, I really think this might just work out. Tosca is not a cat for the faint hearted - she definitely has the torti temperament down pat though it is totally understandable at the moment with her lack of security. Poor baby, she is probably wondering when she is leaving again. I hope to god this is her last home, I dont think she can take another move. So thats the latest update on Tosca, I will give them a call tomorrow to see how she is settling in but I think she is going to need at least a few weeks in ONE place before she will be back to lovely self again. i'll keep you posted and thanks again for the well wishes, muchly appreciated.
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brilliant news! i really hope she settles after all the set back she has had. It is good that her new owners understand the stress she has been through and seem more than willing to let her set her own pace. I must admit to a passion for torties. I think they are my favorite and totally live up to the 'naughty tortie' name but with such sweet natures.
continuing good luck wishes to you all
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Thanks Tulip I love the naughty torti's too, they are so special! Tosca is really beautiful - I wish I knew how to post her pic but I am sure you can imagine!
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Thank you for letting us all know how it went . It sounds promissing for Tosca and her new home , how exciding . Yes torties can have a real good attitute , having 3 myself I know . I love torties and thier personality .
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Awesome!!! I have a torti at my parents house.. and she is definately a tempermental one.
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I have spoken to Tosca's new owners and they really like her! I am so relieved and happy. She slept on her new mums bed all night last night, and is already having free roam of the house. Apparantly Tosca is fine with their other cat (called Kitten lol) but Kitten is not fine with Tosca. But they will get used to eachother eventually I hope but otherwise things are so far going really well. Tosca is also following them all around the house like a dog and being very affectionate already so I think she will be happy and this could be her forever home. I am just thrilled!
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this is great news - long may it continue
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Whooooohooo yea how exciding and wonderful news .
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Thanks guys for being excited with me! I havent heard anything new so I figure no news is good news. I will give them a few days before I annoy them again and for Tosca to settle in. Ill update again then.
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Congrats on finding Tosca a good home!

and so happy it's all working out!

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