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Friday Daily Thread

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Good morning again!

I got to sleep in a bit this morning. Sam decided to settle in for the night - between my feet. He spends some of the night there, usually, but he loves the wool blanket I just put on the bed, so he didn't move all night. Or rather, he stayed in the same spot. He did move, taking up progressively more and more do cats do that?

I have a busy work day, finishing up a bunch of reports, so I will be glued to the computer all day. It will be good to get them done. I will need lots of coffee to help get them done.
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Good morning all!

I was teed off last night that CSI became a rerun at the last minute.
Its so cold here, again, it feels like its winter already. Well, actually, the temperatures are the same as a NZ winter anyway!
This arvo, I am going with Jake to clean leaves from a woman's yard, at least I get paid for it.

So it looks like its Yankees vs Marlins in the world series. Wonder who will win? Hubby is a die hard yankees fan. Hey did you see the news that they are planning to make a movie about the guy who caught the ball at the chicago game?

Kahu slept with me all night and woke up when he did (awwwwwwwwwwwww!) and Peedoodle slept in the closet.

Have a great day youse guys!
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I fell hard on my bum knee last night so the plan is to take it easy today to see if the swelling will go down some. Hmm, gonna call and nag the realtor to see if our contract is on it's way to the mortgage guy. Keeping the twins diapers on is an adventure these days. I put them on backwards so they can't undo them, so they undo each others. I'm gonna end up breaking out the Duct tape. LOL. Yup, that's it on my agenda, call and nag and try to keep the pee and poo off my carpet. Woohoo!!
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T.G.I.F. everybody! It's been a long, hard week and I'm glad it's almost over. Looking forward to the weekend!
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Up at 4:00, for no good reason. Its going to be a looooong day! We have been so busy, this week. At least, its Friday and payday!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Good morning all!

I was teed off last night that CSI became a rerun at the last minute.
Same here but hey, more time on TCS! I guess several channels were putting up reruns against the ballgame. On Entertainment Tonight last night they had a bit about how many of the big shows (Friends, Survivor, even CSI) are losing viewers, and the networks wussed out.
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Good morning everyone, I'm taking a mental health day today. It's been a long week. I have so much to do, and not enough time to do it. Taking a grad class and teaching at the same time is driving me nuts. Plus, I'm helping to present at one of our in-service days later this month. I must be insane.

I wasn't watching TV last night, Thursday isn't one of my TV nights. Dan and I went to Wal-Mart and bought all sorts of stuff we needed. I swear, Wal-Mart is a money trap. Everything is so reasonably priced, I almost always spend $100, or more. I try not to go there too often.

I'm very happy today, I just paid off a credit card, and we paid off Dan's car yesterday--a few months early, boy did we save money! It's more a consolidation, since we used the excess from his student loan, but 6% is way better than what I was paying on my credit card. And now we have extra money each month. It's been so long since I felt like I could spend money. I feel like we're finally crawling out of the financial black hole we were in.

I woke up this morning eyeball to eyeball with Molly, she was probably wondering why mommy was sleeping so late. Or more likely, when was breakfast coming. Well, I sure am a blabbermouth this morning. I have had so little internet time, that it feels good to have a free day to do what I want. Have a good Friday and great weekend everyone.
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Go look at my "Opinions needed" post for your daily dose of "awwwwww" LOL.
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"Raindrops keep fallin' on my head" ..yup, its raining in good ole' Alabama. The weatherman was predicting "small, light showers" and its been raining pretty steadily since 6:30 this morning! Makes me wish I was at home in bed with the kitties! Oh, well, gotta work to pay the bills and buy kitty food, or is it buy kitty food and pay the bills? (shuffles off back to work, scratching head and wondering about it....)
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Good morning or day to you all . I was sleeping till 9:30 this morning , but I have to say I always was a long sleeper . My hubby got off today and is working on the enclosure/addition today . I guess he is making a walkway now , who know's what he will think of next . So far have not done much . Try to check my yahoo mail but the server is messed up again . Today I am going to watch a child for 1 hour , it is my next door neighbour grandson . I have to wash some clothes today and all the blankets the cats sleeping on . Need to do some grocery shoping later on after baby sitting . MY son has to play his Sax. today at a homecomming game , so I will have to bring him in school and pick him up late . So far their foodball team only won one game . Oh well , better then non I guess . I cant think on anything els for now , my brain dont work right yet and need some more coffe
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
I was teed off last night that CSI became a rerun at the last minute.
I was feeling same when I tuned in for ER. I realize that the game was on, but I was all set to relax with my all-new ER!

Originally posted by Kiwideus
Hey did you see the news that they are planning to make a movie about the guy who caught the ball at the chicago game?
That'll be the world's shortest movie! Is Hollywood hurting for storylines that much?

I am off today too, as I was waiting for the water heater repair guy to fix something that failed county inspection. It's a pain that this never seems to end, but honestly, I am grateful for the day off. I have gotten home late every night this week and was just plain exhausted. I think I should spend the remainder of the day tackling the mess I call home.
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This morning is a repeat of yesterday morning. I just don't feel movtivated to get out and do the job search thing. I did get an email yesterday regarding a job I sent my resume in for saying I should get a call soon to set up an interview. This job is not what I want to be doing but it does make $20,000 more a year then the one I previously had.

I just went to get my first cup of morning coffee and Peaches is romping around the house, chasing one of those plastic balls with the bell in it. She loves those! Carmella just walked into my room and is eye balling the bed <I kind of am too > Henrietta is sitting on my sewing machine cabinet peering out the window of the spare room.

Only 6 days until Hallie and Jake fly into Salt Lake International to come home! It's almost exactly 6 days since they are scheduled to arrive around 9:35 A.M. I'm so excited and the days are just creeping by!

I'm sure I'll have more to add later! I always have so much to say! And you all are good listeners.
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TGIF - what a relief!!! Robyn and I are going out for breakfast in the morning. Her cancer has not spread and the lump the took out was small. She will have to go for radiation only and take meds. I'm so glad! She still wants to watch Max when I go away - that is if I go away. With my Dad just out of the hospital, I don't know if I should go away.

Fall colors are just about over and the trees are nearly bare here. I hope it doesn't start snowing until at least Thanksgiving. It is a balmy 46 degrees out there. I sure do sleep well in this cool weather. I definately did not want to get out of bed this morning!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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I am so glad about Robyn's cancer being small. I hope the news continues to be good throughout her whole treatment.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
So it looks like its Yankees vs Marlins in the world series. Wonder who will win? Hey did you see the news that they are planning to make a movie about the guy who caught the ball at the chicago game?
Had the sox won last night, my husband and I were going to write the Chicago Tribune and applaud the guy who caught the ball. If the Cubs and Sox had made it to the series, the earth was going to end on the spot. He saved the world, yes indeed he did, and we toasted him last night. The letter would have requested the names of the other 3 fans whose names didn't make it into the paper that also attempted to save the world.

The poor guy has been a die-hard cub fan all his life, coaches an elite little league team in Chicago and basically lives for baseball. He can't go to work, is under guard by the police and has received death threats. So, what part of the Cubbies lost 2 other games on their own does everyone not understand??

Personally, no longer have interest in the World Series - would have watched if either the Cubs or Sox were in there.
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TGIF! Today is my only day off work this week, plus I got to come home early from school (there's a football game today, so no classes because it's the first homegame, we're supposed to go watch). Technically, I'm not supposed to be home, but I needed some "down time" desperately so I just got in the car and drove. I'm not sure if I'll get a detention or not. So far, the online school portal thing is reading that I'm in class, so I should be home free.

I haven't had much time to come to TCS since I got this new job, so I'm happy to check in!

This weekend I'll be working and doing a biology assignment, and helping my brother study for his driver's license test (lol, Ontarians, I'd highly advise you to stay off the road on Monday! ).

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!
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Good Afternoon Everyone.....Happy Friday
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Home from work this afternoon too, but that's my regular schedule. This week has been from hell and I can't say I've every been much happier for a week to be over.
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I'm SO ready to go home. I had almost no water pressure from my showerhead this morning, so I had to call the landlords to come and take a look at it. I'm always really nervous when the maintenance guys come in-I don't want Ivo to run out or to get really scared (although I know one of the guys really likes to talk to her ). Plus, she's supposed to be declawed...not that I think they'd really look. So, I'm a little worried and would like to go home, but have another hour. And it's taking longer because I'm staring at the clock. Blech!
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Happy Saturday!

It's a lovely day today and we were planning on going water skiing but now I'm going out with a bunch of friends to a School Gala and then we're going to hot the beach!

I hope everyone has a nice day!
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Finished watching Matrix Reloaded. They could have left out the beginning scenes and started the movie at where he's fighting the guy before being allowed to talk to the Oracle. All that other crap in the beginning could have been left out. I am sooo freaking in my pants, waiting for the third final series to this but have to wait till freaking DVD! Argh! And I have some funny ideas to post captions with Matrix!!! LOL!!! It's going on in my head, just have to find time to post them!

I think my nausea is trying to come up and I'm really hoping and praying it doesn't come with this pregnancy. It is quite embarrassing puking and using the bathroom at the same time in public or at someone else's house LMAO!

Bout to watch Wrong Turn which looks really scary.

Hope everyone else's day is going well before the weekend starts
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(((((((Jellybelly)))))) I meant to tell you congratulations yesterday about your great news! Are you excited or what??? I will cross my fingers and toes that your pregnancy doesn't include morning sickness (Mine did...for 9 months but we won't talk about that, lol)

I went to my podiatrist today and he took the dressing off of my foot… When I saw the incision, I nearly fainted… It's about 2 inches long on the side of my foot and it started to bleed because the gauze stuck to it. Eeeeeeek!!!!! My arch is black and blue... it looks so gross because the skin on the side of my foot is so thin and the foot is so boney... there's 16 stitches all together. I have to do some stretching exercises so that the scar tissue won't heal in a way that would cause my toe to stay stiff...all I have to say is OUCH! Those exercises will take some getting used to.

So...that's my Friday

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I just took one of the dogs for a 40 minute walk - that felt good! I'm so glad it's Friday, I'm ready for the week to be over. Trying to get caught up on laundry tonight (it seems like that's all I ever do).

I'm going to lunch and shopping tomorrow with a friend from my former job - I haven't seen here in a while, so that should be fun. Then I need to get started sewing on my niece's Halloween costume. And I have a bridal shower to attend on Sunday.

Hope everyone is having a good start to their weekend!!
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Boy it looked like everyone was rushing to get somewhere this afternoon! I had to go grocery shopping and it was like I'd joined the Nascar race. Note to self: Never go out again during rush hour.

I was in a bit of a hurry too, though, I wanted to get back home asap, since it's the first time Pixie's been let out of 'jail' while I'm not supervising. But there they all were to greet me at the door, so it went well. Added new pics to the Pixie thread yesterday, and will try to post some more tomorrow.

Jellybelly, congrats on your pregnancy!! And I also bought Matrix Reloaded on the way home, so I'll get to see it tomorrow. Can't wait to see your rendition a la LOTR KFC.

Tonight heading over to a friend's for Chinese takeout and watch 'Elizabeth', great movie, btw! This is as exciting as my Friday nights get nowadays. Ahhhh, age.
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I'm going to the movies with a dude I've been chatting with online.

He could be a murderer....oh and were going to see Texas Chainsaw Masacare.........suspicious or what????

Wish me luck and to come home alive and well.
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