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A tentative Hello

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Several kind folks here have asked me to stick for now Ok.
i bear no malice towards anyone atall and would prefer that the whole matter is dropped. Anyone who wishes me to leave or wishes to flame me further feel free to email me at Be warned that you will be answered in kind.

I do think this site needs a new "smilie" for those who write often with tongue in cheek...since satire or laughter are apparently not easy to understand. I suggest a leg with a chain attatched as in I'm yanking your chain here.

At any rate..I will watch but keep my fingers pretty much still. The best to you all...and especially your kids,both 2 and 4 legged.

Oh..and my cats are fine and healthy.
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Glad to have YOU back!!

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Glad you're sticking around. Please don't leave.

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Welcome Back!!
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Welcome back!

I am not sure what went on here over the past week, and I doubt I want to know. But whatever it was, I am glad you didn't leave because of it.
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You definitely DO NOT want to know. It got pretty ugly. Let's just say a few fences were mended and peace was made (for the most part that is, right KF??).

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I'm extremely relieved that you aren't going anywhere.

you bring something to this site that would be sorely missed (at least by me) if you left.

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I was out of town this weekend, so I don't know what went on here. But I do know that I don't want to see anyone leaving The Cat Site. So I'm glad you decided to come back, Kittyfoot.
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Welcome back KF.

I do hope everything will be nicer now and I'm sorry about everything I may have done it this.

Donna, I'm glad to see you here too

Love and Peace!
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Kittyfoot; Thank you for coming back. Any good fence can be mended when it is in danger of falling apart. I am glad we are all individuals who can respect eachothers' opinions. Here's to movig forward. >>>>>>>>>

Donna; My thanks to you also. I would have GREATLY missed your "no frills/cut to the Chase" posts.

Gay; I hope that you are still with us. Your parental concern is an admirable trait and just "one" of the "many" that make you an asset to this Site.

I have faults that have surfaced, (we all do), but I thank you all for the love and encouragement I receive here daily; in spite of those faults.

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well said 3LK! Welcome back KF! I'm soooo glad you didn't leave. You would have been sorely missed! I'm also glad fences could be mended and that things are better now.

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The Scene : The Lounge - A warm, sunny room with lots of cat furniture, toys and other cat accoutrement, and a large group of familiar cats in various activity - some lounging around, some playing, some raising kits, others eating, sleeping or socializing.

Enter GayeF, a Siamese of pedigree, wealth and much too much spoiling, generally nice, but a bit of a brat and know-it-all who can sometimes be pushy and forget she's a lady when provoked, whether such provocation is real or imagined. Rather round in appearance and pushing geezer-hood, a genteel lady (most of the time anyway) of the Old Southern United States, who still believes in the manners and etiquette of "polite" society, and who still wears white gloves and a hat to tea with The Ladies each afternoon. Still uses words like "swoon" and "Ah Declare!"

Deah Mistah Kittyfoot,

Ah doooo sincerlay hope you will stay heah an not let mah prudish ole ways spoil yoah fun. Ah troooooly did not mean to oh-fend or judge. Fact o'tha mattah is, *blush* Ah said sum simplay turribull things to ya an well, Ah juss plum dun't know whatevah could have come ovah me. Mah apologies, sir.



Exit GayeF, who slinks away as only a Siamese can.
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That made me giggle Gaye! and I loved your comparison to slinking and Siamese. My three Siamese boys sure know how to slink when they know they've been caught doing something wrong. :laughing: You did such a good job of describing that I was so perfectly able to imagine it all in my head. That was very cute!!

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Hi folks..(yawn,stretch)..just got up after a night of driving in veeeery thick fog. It's a bit hard on the eyes to be in 20ft visibility for several hours.

I'm very relieved that all and sundry are going to be friends again.I sure hate all this fussing.

Gaye..loved the analogy. We will forget about everything and just agree to disagree about some things. I am very glad you take your family responsibilities seriously...good luck to you.

Thanks for the welcome folks. I will stick around and see what interesting things you and your cats get up to.

As a final note folks...I do have a sometimes overactive sense of humor and often the more outrageous things I post here are meant to draw laughter and a shake of the head. So..when you see or:tounge2: or or or any combination of these your leg is definitely being pulled.

Again,thanks I need that 2nd cup of coffee.
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GayeF - Just wanted to know that I loved your post! As I was reading it, my children were fighting and screaming , but I was laughing anyway. :laughing2 You have way with words.

I'm glad everything is getting back to normal here.
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No wonder we were butting heads! You're Scarlett O'Hara and I'm more like Mona Lisa Vito (the Marissa Tomei role in My Cousin Vinny). <--- in attitude, not looks, sorry fellas.

I'm a New York girl through and through. Differences add to the spark and character of life. It's what keeps it all worth paying attention to.

P.S. Welcome back KF. Keep the discussion flowing.
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Ahhh, OK.... so THAT'S what it is. Well, seems to me that the problem is more that I just don't seem to fit in anywhere I go...I am way too conservative for the liberals, yet way to liberal for the conservatives.

The way I look at it is this: I just am. Take me or leave me, but don't call me late to dinner. *grin*

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Call you late? I thought you were cooking! Funny you should comment, because I view myself as basically coonservative, but with a liberal outlook on some issues.

Where was this site during the Gore/Bush thing? I'll bet the hanging chads would have been flying there!
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Guys!!! I am SO happy to see everyone is getting along so well now! I was worried there for a bit! But I should have known that with the kind of people we have here at this site, fences would mend!
Kittyfoot....don't ever stop giving us your valuable input! Please!
GayeF....I loved your Southern drawl post!!!
I think everything will be okay between us all!
Afterall....deep down inside...differences or no, we each other!

PS....not that I don't like your new avator, Deb....but I miss seeing your bright pretty face and smile!!!
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Hi all!
Feeling like an outsider and evesdropper, just wanted to say that its this kind of banter that draws me here.
Thanks for making me feel welcome.
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Dear Toyslady,

As long as I am around, you need never feel like an outsider. *grin* You can talk to me any time you want to, my dear.

In an attempt to explain a little, we had a little *ahem* altercation here last weekend and some paws did get a bit smooshed in the process, but all is right now and I am happy to report the players have all made nicey-nice and are now playing sweetly without hissing and spitting at each other. This thread is evidence of that. I am just so darn proud of all of us! *sniff sniff blot tears from eyes*

I take great liberty in speaking for all those involved when I ask you to please forgive us if we speak in riddles to those not involved in the fray last weekend - we don't mean to be rude.


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Originally posted by gayef

I take great liberty in speaking for all those involved when I ask you to please forgive us if we speak in riddles to those not involved in the fray last weekend - we don't mean to be rude.
Gaye's right. It's a done deal, and we're not likely to forget it, nor should we, but I don't think we're going to rehash it for those not in attendance. That'll teach the rest of you to go and have a life off this site.

As was our slogan at school last year: If you miss the Cat Site, YOU MISS OUT!
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How true!!!!!!!!

Deb....did you read above what I said about your avator?
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Yes, Debby, I did. Got sick of looking at my mug so I put it into retirement for awhile. Also, after the recent war, I figured I'd save people the temptation of picking up a marker and drawing little deformities all over my face on their screen.
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