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New here, need advice.

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Hello everyone. I really need some advice, I hope someone here can help me!

We have a stray mother cat that hangs out around our house. She's not a friendly people type cat. However, she showed up about 2 months ago with 3 little babies. I have a tremendous love for animals and took it upon myself to feed them. None were approachable. However, one of the babies started to just hang around our porch recently. We noticed him acting very friendly and not afraid at all. He had a bit of discharge from his eyes, so I brought him in and cleaned him up. He was so loveable and cuddly. He purred constantly and loved being held. We decided to go ahead and keep him inside since we'd been wanting an indoor cat anyway. Two days after bringing Angel inside, we noticed him not eating. He would do nothing but sleep. At first he was still cuddly and purring a lot. Then, he suddenly had trouble breathing and was very lethargic. I rushed him to the vet, where I was given the heart-breaking news that little Angel had panleukopenia. I had to make the hardest decision I ever have had to make. He was given less than a 10% to recover due to his tiny size. He was in horrible pain and couldn't breath. So, as much as it hurt me to, I agreed to have him put to sleep. I still cry thinking about it, but I know I did the right thing and he no longer suffers. My 7 yr old daughter has been heart broken.

Here's where my question comes in, and please forgive my long post. I've read A LOT on panleukopenia. I know the virus can live in carpets, etc for a long time. Angel was in the house less than 48 hours. There was no vomitting at all. He did have diarreha in a couple spots. Mostly, though, he slept in his box. We desperatly want another kitty. The vet said NO WAY to a kitten, but an adult cat that has been vaccinated should be ok. I know bleach is the only thing that can kill the virus. So here's my question. If we scrub the entire house and clean the carpets with a color safe bleach/water mixture, would an adult vaccinated cat be ok? The local humane society has a 2 1/2 yr. old male cat that we have fallen in love with. I won't bring him into our home and let him get sick. I guess I just need advice from anyone who has faced this.

Thanks in advance for any advice or just for reading this.
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I'm sorry, but don't have experience with panleuk. I do know that different vaccines have different effective rates (for example, feline leuk vaccine is about 60% effective). Have you found any information on what the effective rate would be for panleuk vaccine? Even with cleaning, if the vaccine isn't all that effective, you are taking a risk. Also suggest that you contact a cat specialist and talk to them about what you would like to do. Specialists sometimes have information more recent than what you would find on the Internet. Get a couple of opinions if necessary, consider the source of the opinion and make an informed decision.

Anyone else out there have ideas for this?
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Sorry, I also don't have any experience with this, but I would second Amy's advice, just to be on the safe side. Good luck to you.
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IF you get an older vaccinated cat you should be okay. If you scrub everything, let it air dry- and let it sit I would let it sit at least 30 days before introducing another cat into the house. The virus can really live on. But if you are vigilant and scrub everything, toss everything the cat has been on or in, including litter pans and food bowls you *should* be safe. But do not get a kitten, and I am sorry that you lost this one. What happened to the other kittens? They probably also have been infected as has mom. Trapping them and getting them euthanized would be the kindest act and stop the virus.
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I was just wondering the symptoms of this virus. You mentioned eye discharge. The wild cats that live in the woods behind my house all have alot of eye discharge.
What is the life span of thease cats? How contagious is this disease? Does the imunizations they recive normally cover this disease as well?
The reason I ask is I let my cats play outside in the afternoon when the weather is nice. If the wild cats had it could my cats catch it from being around the area they (the wild cats) are also living in?
My cats do not socialize with the wild cats, however jerry was attacked by one of them a couple weeks ago. I also am pretty positive Minnie is pregnant by a wild cat.(she became pregnant in august)my cats have had all immunizations.
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