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Choc Overload?

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If it's possible.. I just had one..

M&M's , Choc Bars, Icecream, Choc milk

and lots of candy as welll...

I never thought choc overloads were possible..

sam, feeling very bloated
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And I thought that I was the resident chocaholic!
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O. K. you two, add to the fact that I was watching Food Network last night and they had a 30 min show on the top five chocolate indulgances and this all adds up to a BAD need for chocolate fix !Wish someone made a decent sugar-free chocolate bar! Oh, well, I may have to break down and buy a real one !
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Sam, just have a Coke and you can have a caffeine overload, too!
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I can't eat that much chocolate.

I guess I'm one of those rare women who doesn't eat much chocolate. I have the odd craving for an Oh Henry bar or something, but I would rather have chips or popcorn for a snack.

Watch out for that stomach ache Sam!!
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I never really eat much Choc.. and haven't for about a month so I guess I ate all my months choc worth in one sitting!LOL!

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were yo bouncing off the walls Sam??
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Hope your feeling better now Sam.

Now I think I need a chocolate fix.......
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Been there. . . . . done that!
And after it's over, you swear you'll never do it again. . . . 'till next time!
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LOL Sam!

My vice is chocolate and everyone around me knows it. A good thing really because if anyone's stuck on ideas for a pressie for me, well you get the idea. For me, there can never be a chocolate overload.

And if you have it over in NZ, (I really hope you do), try Chocolate Obsession Ice Cream by Connoissuer. Chocolate flake pieces, smooth rich creamy chocolate ice cream, glaced cherries and a berry rum sauce. Mmmmmm.....
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Definitly bouncing off the walls!LOL!

Mags- I haven't heard of it but might have to look around next shop, sounds delicious!

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If you can't, I may just have to figure out a way to send it over to you. No other chocolate ice cream comes close to this one.
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i HAVE to have my chocolate every day or i start to get cranky! it doesn't have to be alot...and can be something as simple as a glass of chocolate milk...but i have to have it in some form. so i tend to by "single" serve candies like the Ghiradelli squares and i'll have 1-2 every day..

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Each weekend, I stock up the stash that I keep in my desk drawer. Hershey's Nuggets are perfect for this: plain milk chocolate, milk cho. w/almonds, milk choc. w/almonds & toffee chips and dark choc. w/almonds. They come in an assortment bag.

Fry's had fun-size candy on sale, for Halloween and I bought KitKats, peanut M&Ms, Whoppers and Reese's peanut butter cups. I've also got 20 Butterfingers stashed in the pantry. They were 10/$1, last week. If we have leftover candy, it'll be something that WE like.

In addition, I bought Godiva Belgian Dark Chocolate and Haagen-Daz Rocky Road ice cream. MY weekly needs are now met.
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