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One cat licking the other?

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Hi everyone!

I've had my 2 cats for about 2 months now. They hated each other at first and we were afraid they'd kill each other. They ended up getting along (they still fight, but nothing major). Lately, Nucchi has been walking up to Bailey while she's lying down, and he'll lick her head and ears. I've never seen her do it to him, but she looks like she looooooooooves it.

Does this mean my babies love each other?? I hope so!!
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Mine do this too. At least Sam grooms Bailey. I think its partly a dominance thing, and yours have probably worked out who is in charge. My Bailey hardly grooms Sam, its always Sam doing the grooming. And that used to turn into a wrestling match, but hardly ever does any more. Bailey does love it, she goes up to Sam and tucks her head under his chin to ask him to groom her.

I don't really know a lot about cats, especially about having two cats, but people now comment on how well they get along.
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Grooming each other is a sign of trust. Mom cats groom their young and they love it. Not all cats will participate, but this is a great sign that your cats have accepted each other and feel that they are now a family. Congratulations! That's a lot of progress in 2 months!!
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I agree it's a dominance and a comfort thing. I have a brother/sister combo and he is bigger and does the grooming. She never would. He even licks her behind which is kind of gross but reminds me they are animals (no kisses on the mouth here)
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