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I know I have not mentioned what cats I have so here goes. First off the kitten I expected to get did not show up. I did find some that has been born around my house. Three spittin and scratching little fur babies just barely big enough to walk by thereselves. I will keep checking and hopefully handling these kittens to get them used to being handle by something other than mom cat. This will be hard to do with a dog watching ever move I make but I will try. this is as close as I can get to color. no digital only 35mm camera so I will have to wait on pictures sorry.
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Best of luck with your little ones!
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Hey I am still waiting for the bossman to bring the kitten for you. I will ask him again....Sorry Sis
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Good Luck with the 3 little Kittens!!

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I think this would be better in the Feral Forum, where people can help you with socializing these little feral babies.
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one good thing on these kittens, mom cat did not move them. I got to handle the kittens some today with only a minor scratch to show for it. The mom cat let me rub her and she drank some milk I give them. The kittens still spit and sputter and one is kinda hard to catch but I did it. Maybe they will get used to me soon and I can handle them without major damage soon.
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I found out recently that the mom to these kittens is not a feral cat but one my father-in-law and his dog raised from a small kitten. The cat kinda disappeared for awhile after my fil died a couple years ago.

The kittens disappeared for a couple of days but I have found them again. Still have to watch one kitty he likes to slap and snarl some.
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Those kittens have been moved to my sister-in-laws house up the street. Still hard to handle kittens but my young newphew will probably try to play with them some, so maybe we can hold them eventually.:split:
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I don't know how old these babies are, but I would suggest that your nephew if he is young, not handle the babies until someone who knows what they are doing has socialized them. Cat scratches and bites are nothing to take lightly.
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The kittens are 6 to 8 weeks old maybe. My Nephew is 3 yrs old so we have to get on to him about the kittens. I know cat scratches cause cat scratch fever cause I have had it when I was little.
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Man I remeber when we both had that. We was some hurting youngun's wasn't we? Make sure the Ta man doesn't get hurt or hurt them
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Is there a way to get the mom and kittens fixed?? We have had quite an extraordinary kitten season and I'd like to not repeat it.

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