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Captured 3 little feral black kittens this week

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We have several feral cats in our barn at our vet tech building at school.We're not sure exactly how many they are,but we have saw 2 different litters of kittens running around lately.
Earlier this week someone caught a little black kitten.Then the next day someone caught another one,also black.They are pretty young,I'm guessing around 6-7 weeks.We have been handling them quite a bit.we will take bring them to our vet tech class lectures and hold & pet them.They have become quite tame in just a few days.They even come to the edge of the cage and meow at us to get them out.
Well,today me and another girl caught another black kitten this morning.They are all out of the same litter.It was still hissing at us at the end of the day,but since the others tamed down so well,I'm sure this one will as well.
I have seen at least 2 more kittens running around,I'm sure there are more cause I hadn't even saw these until this week.
We are in the process of getting a trap to catch the momma cats so we can spay them and let them back out.

Just wanted to share the good news.I'm going back tomorrow to try and catch more kittens.Wish me luck.
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wow , that is great news . I hope you will catch all of them and find them good homes . I do want you to wish you lots of luck
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Are the kittens eating the food that you give them and using the litter box? They may be too young to be away from the mother if not.
Maybe you could try to catch the mother asap so that they can stay togehter until it is time for the kittens to be weened.
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Yeah the kittens are eating and using the litter box very well.

Problem is with catching momma is we don't know which one is their momma.Plus someone has the trap and we are trying to get ahold of them to get it back.
And there is no way we are about to let those little suckers go so they can go back to momma. We'd probably never have such an easy time catching them again.
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Oh good I am glad they are doing good Great job caring for them.
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I forgot to mention thay one of the girls in the program was planning on taking the first 2.Well,then we caught the other one.I didn't know she was going to adopt the other 2 until after we caught the other one.When I found out I asked her "Are you gonna take the other one,too?"she was like "well,I'm taking the other 2,so I might as well take that one,too."LOL.
At least we all know they are going to go to a good home,and we can stay updated.She can also bring them back to visit once she takes them.
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VT that is so wonderful!! i didn't know you had caught more kittens! i'm so glad to hear that all three will have a caring home together what a warm and fuzzy story!!
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Thats great news! They will grow up together
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Yep Mandy.Only these are at school,not at my house.I'm glad they are at school cause if I bring them into my house,they don't seem to leave.

Coco Maui

Yeah I'm glad they are going to be able to stay together.
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