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A picture of Craig and I... look at your own risk..

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View this picture at your own risk.. we will not be responsible for those of you who go blind, have severe headaches, or any other bad things that may happen to you from looking at this horrid sight. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

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Cassie and Craig; I came, I viewed, I walked away unscathed!!!:jarswim::pinky::dali:

What an attractive couple you are!
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How sweet of you 3LK.. I have a hard time keeping up with him though. He is big about staying in shape and eating right and such... and I'm trying to keep up.. I want to look at least presentable.. when he's looking fabulous! :laughing:
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You 2 make a lovely couple, heck, my eyes didn't even water!

That looks like a pretty big place you're in, is that the loft?

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That picture was taken back in March just before my birthday. That was when Craig flew to Houston to spend 10 days with me around my birthday. That place that we are in is our hotel room at the DoubleTree. That was a new outfit that he just bought me That was the first time we met in person.. as we met over the internet!

And thank you for the compliment! Though there is nothing lovely about me.. and everything lovely about him. (He'd roll his eyes at me if he read this.. )

-Cassie :tounge2:
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Whatever!! You are so pretty!! Y'all both look so good together. Y'all are both very photogenic!
P.S. Y'all have precious kitties, too!!
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Why is it that the best looking people always don't think they are?
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Cassandra....... you two make a good-looking couple!! That is cool you met each other over the internet! That is how I met my husband..... well we actually met at the theater, but that is how we initially met!
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Oh Cassie you're both so pretty!!! A lovely couple and so much in love it seems
Why do you think you don't look well stupid girl - you're gorgeous!!!!
And Craig is not so bad to look at
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Cassie!!! You are BEAUTIFUL! (don't ever doubt it) and what a pretty smile you have!! Craig is lucky to have such a woman as you!!!!
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Oh Debby, you are such a sweetheart Thank you soo much Thanks everyone for all the nice compliments. But by taking a look at the member picture gallery thingymabob I definitely pale in comparison to everyone here.. sheesh. You guys are all so beautiful.

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Yes, but Cassie....my pic is in black and white, and it was taken three years ago! I am much worse looking now, AND I still think you are beautiful!!
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Wait till you get into the gallery - you'll look just as georgeous as the others Just kidding, you both look super as it is!
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Dearest Cassandra :angel2:

So, this is the beautiful couple!!! I have completed your diets and training schedules!!! Sometimes there's not enough hours in a day! Where do they go?:confused3: Be that as it may, I am putting finishing touches on Craig's since I have seen his size now and I do believe he can work out much more during the week (if he has the time) than I allowed on this...This means faster results We all like faster everything Well, most things:laughing::laughing:

You should be getting them by email tomorrow mid day

Love &,
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Thank you so much! I really appreciate what you are doing for us! Craig is pretty healthy and tries to work out daily. He did work out daily until I moved here.. then it stopped. Not good.. I know. So.. we're both gonna start doing it together I think. Can't wait to see you've got planned for us. We're excited about it and ready to get started! Once we start seeing results we'll mail pictures to you so you can see what you helped us achieve! You're such a sweetie Cat.. thank you again!!

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Hey Cat,
Sorry for being so nosey but can you do such a schedule for me too?
Hope I'm not a nuisance dearest, just say no if you don't want to do it
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