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Not a bite or scratch..

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Ok, a few days ago I posted about Jayce having some type of new sore on his chin. I thought it was a scratch or bite from one of the other cats, but wasnt sure because its an indistinct and hard to see type thing. Well, its gotten worse, whatever it is. But whats weird, is that its just moving to other places on his chin but the spots arent really bad. Im having a hard time describing it.. but its like a U shaped ring of spots on his chin area, and theyre pinkish spots, with a little itty bit of like yellowish discharge hardened and reminds me of zits or something I dunno... maybe Im way off! Theyre just weird sore looking things, and not easy to see.

Anyone have any clue what this is? I have an appointment to bring him in to the vet, but as it is not life threatening I cant move the appointment up any sooner. He seems fine otherwise. Any ideas? None of the other cats have anything like this.

I just looked at him again, and the area affected is also near his mouth. The skin looks red and irritated and like it is missing some of its usual fur.
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Ew, Im a little grossed out. I just held him and tried to touch the spots which bothered him, so they must be tender. But theyre like little hard bumps and from what I can see, look darker down by his skin. His fur makes it hard to see.
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I am by no means a kitty skin expert, but I remember reading about ring worm which people can catch. Also I think I read somewhere that if they eat out of a plastic food dish that can store germs that will make them get a rash. Either way it sounds like kitty needs to get to the vet and hopefully they can give you something to make it all better.
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Hmmmm, well we do use plastic bowls but they are washed regularly and only hold dry food. Wet food I serve in ceramic bowls. So could it still be housing germs to get him infected? Wouldnt it happen to my other 2 cats too?
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Hissy would know better then me, but I'm pretty sure that is possible. I think some kitties are more senstive then others. Hopefully someone else will be able to let you know for sure, but I kind of think the food bowl might be the problem. I would put the food on a paper plate of in a ceramic bowl for now and go to the vet ASAP and see what they say.
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Some cats react to plastic bowls and others do not. A "U" shaped discharging mark smells of ringworm, but only your vet can validate that for you with a skin scrape/culture. It could also be irritation from plastic, poison ivy, or any other type of skin irritation.

I would check it out fairly soon to rule out ringworm - if it is that, you won't want your others exposed to him until it is cleared up. I know, and just when you were getting them totally socialized!!
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Oh no I hope its not worm stuff. That grosses me out. Well, I hope this makes sense. The sores arent U shaped themselves, but each individual spot is just a little dot and there are a few of them that make a kind of U shape from one side of his mouth to the other. Does that make sense? Does that still sound like ringworm? I will definitely see if I can bring him in sooner. That stuff grosses me out and I dont want it to spread.
And yeah, it does kind of stink to seperate them just when I get them together
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It sounds like acne from what you describe. It can vary a little bit, but usually it resembles pimples, or crusty black peices. Some cats get it, some don't. The reason plastic bowls usually cause more of a problem is that the pores in the plastic hold more bacteria. They can also get it from any bowl that isn't washed very frequently. The oils from the food will sit on the rim, and when the cats lean thier chins on them to eat, the oils clog the pores. Here's a general picture of feline acne.
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Thanks for the picture. That might be it. Hmmm. Well, the vet will have to confirm I guess. So I will let you know when I find out.
Thanks for all the help
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I agree with Sandie that it sounds like chin acne. I have one cat that would periodically get it. I started gently scrubbing his chin with peroxide and betadine, and it finally went away. I also changed to glass feeding bowls and they are washed daily. It has not reoccurred.
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