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GORGEOUS cat hating me..

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This is Rusty- I adopted her when she was a kitten and she ADORED me. She is now about 14 years old and HATES me. I'm sure u guys are wondering what in the world about Rusty hating me...

It's a very interesting story and shows how SMART cats can be..

When Rusty was about 5 years old, I was driving home and found an injured cat on the side of road- he was bleeding from the mouth. After knocking on a few doors and having no luck finding his owners, I decided to put him on my lap in my car and drive him home so I could get my mom to come with me to the vet. Sammy (injured cat was hit in the head with something which caused hemmoraging). Luckily, the vet was able to save him and after he was at the shelter for a couple days with no one finding a home for him, I pleaded with my dad to let me bring him home temporarily and find another home for him. After a few weeks, I had fallen in love with Sammy and convinced dad to let me keep him.

Rusty KNEW it was me that brought him home and kept him. Ever since I brought Sammy home, Rusty REFUSED to sleep with me, would hiss/growl if I walk into the same room and would swat like crazy at me. It has been over 10-11 years now and Rusty still goes crazy whenever she sees me- hiss/growl/swatting at me. I am the only one who she strikes out at so that shows how smart she is..

Hope u enjoy this story AND the GORGEOUS pic of her. I MISS petting her- her fur is soooooo soft!!

I sometimes would try to sneak in while she's sleeping on my dad's lap and pet her LIGHTLY. Poor dad- sometimes Rusty would wake up and start hissing and dad would wake up with a start and yell at me to get out of the room and stop bothering him and Poor Rusty (his words not mine!)
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Pamela, LMAO!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the story, you have aptly demonstrated that cats do INDEED carry looooong grudges! Poor cat, indeed!

She is such a beautiful cat. That is a great pic! Cats and flowers, my two favorite things in the whole world.
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Here's a pic of Sammy who I rescued. Isn't he CUTE! He LIKES to irriate Rusty- he'd keep bugging her when she wants to be left alone.

He has a bit of brain damage from being hit but is doing remarkably well considering!! (he'd jump into the toilet, fall into the bathtub, etc and sometimes walk into the walls)

He's a HARD biter though!! U know how u'd play with cats and they'd give u warning bites or love bites? Well Sammy would bite playfully but when he bites playfully, he actually breaks skin! OWWW! Last time I came home from visiting Utah, my hands were all covered with bite marks and scratches from Sammy.
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Aww, Sammy sounds like such a neat little character! Love nips, you say?

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They are both adorable! And the story is funny but sad too!
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THANKS! They both are adorable I agree!

Yeah, it's sad that Rusty won't forgive me especially since it was ME who adopted her, loved her, raised her, etc.. Shows u how fickle cats can be! At least she is LIVING HAPPILY at my parents home being spoilten ROTTEN!

They feed her meat babyfood cuz that's the ONLY thing she'd eat.. I have told them zillions of times that it's not healthy at all but they said she'd starve first before she'd eat catfood. Guess she thinks she's human.

Hey, mzjazz2u, I noticed u're from SLC, Utah! Cool!! I grew up in Sandy, Utah which is about 20 min away from SLC. I sure MISS the mountains. Grin.. Enjoy the mountains for me ok?
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That's kind of a sad story of a resentful, grudge holding kitty. I didn't know a cat could stay angry for that long.
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They are both beautiful...that first pic is so precious
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Yeah it is sad that she won't forgive me BUT I have accepted it a couple years ago and the important thing is that she is living a good life with my parents and is being happily spoiled. My dad dotes on her and she rules him (he won't admit it but she does!). If she is sleeping on his computer chair in his office, he'd kneel on the floor so he wouldn't "disturb her sleep" on HIS chair. That shows u how spoilt she is. SO that helps knowing she is very happy with my parents.

Also in the last year, she seems to be becoming a bit more mellow toward me cuz when I flew home in Aug to visit, several times, I was able to pet her for a few SHORT min before she'd start growling and hissing several times. In the past, she'd immediately start hissing/growling before I got within a feet of her so I THINK this is an improvement. I will know for sure whenI go back to visit at Christmastime- if I am able to pet her again without her growling/hissing immediately then it means she's mellowing!

So don't feel too bad for Rusty or me. I think it depends on the cat about holding grudges and I don't think things like this happens very often (meaning cats holding grudges for long time)...
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Rusty is beautiful Pamela
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