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My Crazy Kitten

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I'm a little upset with my 1 year old Cheeto. Yesterday, he went tearing threw the house and knocked a snow globe that I had on my entertainment center down and broke it. It shattered behind our tv speakers, etc. He is lucky he didn't get electrocuted. My little demon has broken several glass items already. I tried to find a replacement of this snow globe on ebay, but no luck so far. He is one and my question is "how old are they before they start to calm down"? He always tears threw the house and knocks everything over. I'm certainly NOT putting up a xmas tree this year!

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one of the things about kittens is that they have a tremendous amount of energy and love to play (even older ones). you have to kitten-proof your house. take away all the things that might get knocked down, or broken. anything that you are worried about, put it away. take a look around your house. I mean, even if you dont think its a place he can get into or on top of, kitten-proof it, you never know.

your baby will eventually calm down, dont worry, some cats might take longer than others.

good luck!
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Same thing happened here when my guys went thru kittenhood/teenhood/now!
Definitely look around your house and make sure you remove anything fragile, or glue it down (Home Depot has that putty stuff to stick under vases, sculptures, etc that doesn't harm furniture). I had heavy crystal destroyed before I stuck everything down.

One year olds are still very young and very active, and like Raquel has already stated, some will always be more active than others. Ginza is 1.5 yrs old and he's a nut. I also just adopted a kitten, so back to dealing with that again!

I LOVE xmas trees, and can't have them anymore 'cause of the brats. So my opinion is you're right in scrapping it this year! However, other members will have great suggestions for protecting the tree/ornaments if you end up getting one.

Good luck on your search to replace your snow globe!
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I'm actually going to Home Depot tonight and I will look for that putty stuff. Thanks.
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I recommend curio cabinets with doors for anything fragile. I leave nothing breakable out in the open anymore (but I always have kittens in the house). Any plants on window ledges are history - hang them if you have them. Don't burn candles if you aren't in the room with them at all times. And don't think that by placing things up on a high shelf will deter them - they will find a way to get up there and knock them off. A tall cat tree or cat condo is great - gives them something to run up and down and tends to make them leave other things alone.

I hope this doesn't sound like a bummer, but I now laugh at the places they manage to get into and find it a challenge to be creative on ways to cat-proof my house.
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That is just part of owning a kitten. To help cure the "crazies", try spending some play time with your kitten. Those string feather toys are great. I have 8 cats including a Bobcat kitten that has lots of energy. I spend quality time playing with them and the more I do, they spend less time going crazy in the house
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Amber the Bobcat? Do you really have a bobcat-wow. Life must sure get interesting. I've only ever seen them in books and on the telly! How did you get to be owned by one - Im intrigued.......
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Yes, I am owned by a Bob cat She is 16 weeks old now and about the same size as my domestics and should grow to be 30-40 pounds. She acts like a normal domestic, but with a lot more energy and she is ever so curious.
Here she is at about 12 weeks old.
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Awwwww she's adorable!! what a cutie pie
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she is so beautiful, what a sweetie! her little face looks full of mischief. i must admit though 4 ordinary moggies are enough for me. Will everything be okay when she is fully grown, I mean are you allowed to keep bob cats? I always think of them as semi wild but we dont have many anyway so my knowledge is sketchy to say the least! I think we have some in the wilds of Scotland and the border country but they are rare I'm fairly sure.
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Yes, she will be fine when she is fully grown. She was raised by hand, we bottle fed her as a kitten, along my other 7 cats. Actually, if you have other cats, or dogs, they become better pets. They need lots of attention and get it too. She is fully wild, no mixed breeding, but was NOT taken FROM the wild. She came from the state of Montana from a breeder. I live in Ohio and I did need to get a permit from my state to own her, or should I say, for her to own me.
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