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my new furbaby!!

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okay, technically he is not really mine yet, I am still in the process of adoption, but I think I have a really good chance of bringing him home. He is 5 months old and is currently in foster care in N. Carolina, from the Siamese Rescue Center. Hopefully, after I have spoken to his foster mom, arrangements can be made to get him here real soon...

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He's beautiful. I hope you do get him. He looks like a Siamese/mix. I just can't get over how truly beautiful he is.
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He is absolutely stunning! He would be lucky to go to such a loving home!
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Ohh Racquel he is one handsome little kitty.
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What a purrty baby: Love those beautiful eyes.
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thanks everyone! I hope I can get him. He is described on the site as a snowshoe. i am not sure if he is a mix or not, but I dont care! I think he is the cutest
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OMG he's so beautiful! I sure hope you get him!
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he is absolutly beautiful

I hope you will get him
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OMG!!!!!! HE is beautiful!!!!

Where is this siamese rescue in NC?
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He sure is handsome. I hope you get him.
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Kellye, Siamese Rescue is pretty much all over the country. There is a Siamese Rescue of Virginia, Kansas, Texas and California. Each one is operated independently but they all have the same goal.

They are a great rescue source of Siamese (and some non-Siamese). They really care and want to make sure that the cats and potential adopters are good matches for each other. I would recommend them if you are interested in adopting a siamese. They get the cats from place to place through volunteers, who take the cats from one point to another, then another volunteer picks the cats up from there, and so on. This group of volunteers is called the Meezer Express. Sometimes they will fly them.

I sound like I work for them or something, but they are really a group of great people.
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OMG! He's gorgeous!
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That is a beautiful cat, *crossing fingers that the adoption process goes fast* so you can have your boy soon!
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Wow he's a stunner!!!! I hope you get to bring him home!
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he is adorable....he has the most beautiful eyes
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Looks a lot like my Suma, hope you find out soon, here is a pic of Suma, a lot of the same markings, just darker. She is the little talker
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I hope you get him Rocky.. he looks so sweet
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