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matted fur persian cat - help!

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My persian stayed in a small cattery recently, and came back with matted clumps of fur as the owner was ill and couldn't groom her. I have tried gently to comb out, cut, and detangle her but there are still some bad areas such as her tummy and chest. She also hates scissors.

I am loath to really get stuck in as this will hurt her and brushing has always been a pleasurable experience for her and I. There are no professional 'grooming parlours' where we live. Any suggestions?
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Call your vet, many of the vet clinics know of people who either work for them or will come in to do a really bad mat job. They will anesthize the animal and be able to work without problems.
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Hissy's suggestion is great. The other option is to have her shaved. I have 3 persians (soon 5) and I know that's probably not what you want to do but it's an option. And their fur grows back beautifully! Good luck.
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I don't mean to scare you, but I recently lost a healthy vibrant cat because I took him in to a groomers to be shaved. They *accidently* used a toxic shampoo on him and 3 days later he was dead. Please if you do take your cat into the groomers, make sure you know the brand of shampoo they use and make sure it is safe for cats.
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If the mats are not too big or tight to the skin, you can use a U-shaped letter opener and gently cut through the mat. The U shape will help prevent accidental nicks, and you can get it between the skin and the mat and cut through the tangle. Then gently brush out. But be careful to ALWAYS use the letter opener at a 90 degree angle to the skin, NEVER against it. I made that mistake only once. Luckily, it was a very small nick, and very superficial, but it bled nonetheless.

You can also see if you can find a dematting product called "Quicker Slicker" from Nature's Specialties. It works miracles!!!

Quicker Slicker
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Thanks for all the great advice -I have had her tummy and chest shaved by the vet (she looks so weird and she is really self-conscious! - but her sweet little wrinkly tummy is very funny)

Still a few matts at the sides (vet wasn't very thorough but at least the worst is gone)but I have been gently separating them and will see if I can get a friend to get me some of this quicker slicker stuff and send it to Zambia - sounds amazing!
Thanks everyone!
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just a little side not about the quicker slicker... I wouldn't recommend getting anything larger than the 8 oz. I bought a 16 oz bottle for my grooming job (figuring "hey, I get a lot of matted animals, so this will last, what? 6 months TOPS???... HA!!). I get the impression I'm going to have to put that bottle in my will!! You really don't need to use very much, and 16 oz was really too much!! Oh well, live and learn!
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