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Who Are Denice And Max Baltrons???  

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Hello Everyone, 's

Today, I received a most interesting question to one of my most recent threads I began.

Billie asked me who are Denice & Max! At first I was almost shocked that she didn't know...but, it's my own fault, because there are so many new members here. It's my responsiblitly as a volunteer on this case to keep people abreast of this situation, which for the most part I have, but in the SOS Forums.

For those of you that are new...and we have plenty of wonderful newcomers here to this site...Please check out this website dedicated to one of the most sweetest furbabies that the Good Lord sent to this planet!

Denice was Max's Mommy...and let me tell ya...I've been communicating with her for quite some time and I've never been so delighted to know someone in my life. She is someone I truly look up to. Her life without Max has been increasingly difficult, not only because of the trauma presented to her that horrific day of his murder, but her health has been declining due to a car accident. Her pain is intense, she has to go through surgery very soon. I know me, she complains very little. To those of you that know what back pain is...well, an explanation is unnecesarry! For those that don't...thank your lucky stars!

I have noticed that during my plea for helping Denice raise money for attorney fees, investigations from a P.I. etc...we here at this site...have given very little...I was in tears to find out that "we" as a group of people did not contribute anything much at all besides our condolances. This to me, is extremely upsetting. Now, you may say, that it's just to damn don't have the money and it's none of my business, but I don't think you're gonna say that. I do believe that all the people here will help...even if it's ONE DOLLAR...we should help her. We have the luxery of coming here each day for unload our bullcrap, to meet great people, to have lifelong friends! Isn't this worth one dollar to you? I'm begging you to help. For Denice and Max this has been a nightmare. She relives it day to day. Perhaps, one day after this is over, she can go on and I'm sure she will give it all to God. But for now, let's help her get through this. Let's show her some love people! Reach in for a me you will feel like One Million Dollars to give one dollar!

Please send to:

C/O Denice Baltrons
PO BOX 231933
Sacramento, Ca 95823

Oh and by the way, this money will only be used for this case...any monies left over will be donated to other animal abuse cases.

I trust you've heard my pleas.....and I'm thanking you in advance!

With Much Appreciation
Love & Peace,
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As one of the primary members of Team Max, I fully and completely agree with Catarina! I speak on the phone and exchange emails with Denice on a weekly basis and know that what she is facing is SO incredibly daunting that she is VERY weighted with a LOT of pressure at the moment. On top of attorney's, Trials, etc., she is also facing several MORE personal issues which is just adding to her woes, not least of which is major surgery on her back.

So, PLEASE, if you can help at all, please do so. Denice is one of the bravest, kindest people that I have met online and though I have yet to meet her in person, I can, w/o a doubt, say that she is someone that I am proud to call a friend and the honor is all mine to have met her and contribute to the daunting challenges she is presently having to make.

Also, Anne, please keep this thread here as it seems, many of the newer people have yet to see the SOS thread.
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However, I don't think anyone has the right to try and "guilt" others to give a donation. No one here knows what each of us does on a daily basis to help the animals in our area and pleas for donations should go to the heart, not try to be manipulated by others making us feel small because we don't contribute.

Sadly, stories like Max's happen on a daily basis, and I think after awhile, though the public (some of them anyway) become enraged, they also become immune to the issue. Just like we do with violence on televison. If I had the money to spare, I would pay the darn lawyers fees, but I have to be realistic and my husband only has a job for another month, so things are quite tight for me. I have even had to make the difficult decision to sell one of my horses and that has devastated me. So please, do not try and preach to me that I have an obligation to help just because I come here to visit and interact? Anyone who knows me knows I am a giving person, but Catarina, your post really set me on edge so I had to speak up.
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Hi Cat and Meowman,
After I read about Max my heart was broken. I cried to think something so horrific like that happened.
Many of us have a lot to be thankful for
and I, who can cuddle with my
Nomar am thankful that I can do just that!
My heart goes out to Denice..She is in my prayers....
I would love to contribute...
I truly believe there are people here that will help too!
The cost of a cup of coffee or bottle of soda is about $1.00 can you imagine a difference it would make to give that?
My prayer will be that hearts will open up to this cause...
God Bless

Loretta ( mommy)
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Dear Catarina,
I researched into this and it broke my heart! Contributions are definitely needed. I will donate... but I can't at this very moment. Craig and I are getting ready to move.. and since this is San Francisco and everything is so expensive we have to save up money for security deposits and (now that we have 3 cats) pet deposits.. and we have to have deposits to have our lights turned on .. etc etc. So I can't spare the money right now.. but as soon as we get moved and settled.. I will definitely do what I can to contribute!

My thoughts and prayers are with Max and his owner.

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Max's story is a very sad one, and I feel for Denice!
But as Hissy said, this unfortunately happens every day, and so many stories go untold.
I posted a thread yesterday, titled Cat Killer, I feel equally bad for the woman in that story, she actually SAW her cat being traumatic! The judge awarded her $300...I was stunned!
I wish I could help everyone who is a victim of these crimes, but I think that seeing these monsters get jail time is more important than sending doesnt ease the pain of losing a loved animal.

Just my 2 cents,

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I was just informed of this post. Thank you everyone, especially Catarina & Chuck, for your kind words.

Hissy, I dare to say that, you did, indeed, misinterpret Catarina's intentions. I DOUBT SHE IS TRYING TO "GUILT " ANYONE OUT OF THEIR MONEY.

I am "LITTLE MAX'S" MOM, and I feel your comment was completely inappropriate. I would not execpt a dime from you, so, save your money, with your consious intact, and have a nice day.

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Ouch! might want to consider deleting your post. It was so angry and hostile that it made me decide not to contribute! I think Hissy gave her thoughts in a gentle manner...there is nothing wrong with feeling the way she does especially since she gave her concerns in a gentle way. But your remarks were very hostile. I think helping you out is good cause...but, if you made me want to not give I'm sure others will read your post and not want to help either. So...please remove or tone down your response for your own sake!
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That is exactly how I felt when I read it, but thought I'd bite my tongue so as not to stir the pot!
I'm glad you posted that, it needed to be said.

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Dear kind people,

Thank you for your imput. It is most certainly up to you , if you choose to donate or not. You sai my comments made you not want to donate. Well, then you would have been donating for the wrong reason. Because this IS ABOUT MAX. Not me, you, or anyone else for that matter.

My case will cintinue with or without any donations. I am a principled person. I have paid for EVERYTHING SO FAR, AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO IF NEED BE. I have battled many Bureaucrates that have told me this case is closed, now it is up for a FELONY TRIAL! That, in itself, is quite an achievement. How many people do you know, that have worked so hard, so long, for one cat?
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Dear Everyone...

This Thread was not intended for debate. Lot's of emotions are flying on here. My only intention for this Thread was to educate those of whom do not know Denice and those of whom are able to donate to the cause. I do not wish to manipulate anyone out of their money. If you choose not to give, it's up to you. This leaves me to no other avenue other than to close this thread...Which I am truly sorry for because of a posting that was so misinterpreted that the whole gist of this has been given no chance whatsoever. I thank those of you who have read this post with an open mind. I'm sorry for any misunderstandings here...but it appears that this site has become nothing more than a battleground and I am more than torn up about it.

Denice has gone through enough without all of this nonsense. Why couldn't we all just pm (private message) each other. I for one would have certainly taken another look or approached this another way had I known you thought this pertained to everyone here if you can't afford it...then don't contribute; however, I thank TLK, Cassandra Star for just sayin...Hey, I can't afford it, but Max is in my prayers". I thank you Loretta for your understanding and your contribution for Denice...I have no idea that she'll even accept at this point, but thank you so much.

I don't understand. Why are some replys have to be so nasty. The whole point of this Thread was to Love & Help EACH OTHER...that's it!

Since Hissy displayed her feelings, was it so necessary for those of you to also come back with such insensitive statements. By the time I got to read all of this it has started a forest fire. I could've changed this in just a short amount of time..but, that wasn't permitted...I'ld like to take a moment to thank Meowman for his understanding and neverending compassion, his true passion and countless hours he's taken to volunteer for Team my friend Jamie who I also work with extremely long hours with for Donna who I don't really have much contact with regarding this case however; I know she plays a part in it. Take care and God Bless All of You...Goodbye my dearest friends. I am sorry, I feel it's time for me to move on...I don't feel welcomed here. Hissy, I'm sorry about your husbands job and your horses I truly am, but we donate to many other causes on this site and I felt that this was important if not more important than what I've seen people help others with. This is a club filled with members. Not some corner with me holding out a sign to strangers. You may not know me personally, but I do know that those of you that I've spent countless hours working on your diets and workout regimes know only to well, that that is something that is a contribution. I never asked for a dime for that. It was free, free from my heart to you and would always have been too. I was always tickeled to tell someone of this site, and how wonderful the people are here! What's happening here....I'm so sorry and in tears myself...
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Unfortunately, the justice deserved for this individual who killed Denice's cat will never be attained in this life! People like this man make me ill, and I look forward to their day of judgement because God will not tolerate this behaviour! You have my thoughts and prayers in your grueling situation Denice! I hope that things will favor in your part for now while we live on this earth! If not, I hope you will be satisfied with the knowledge that he will get what he is due when he dies! How wonderful you are to fight for what you believe in and for the love of your baby! And if it doesn't happen with the help of some persons on this site due to personal reasons, I know you will find the means to prosecute this :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor:!

My deepest sympathies are all I can give as well!!
Good luck!!
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Dear everyone,

I've had enough of flaming in this past few days. I hate censoring posts or deleting/closing threads but I will if I have to.

I will no tolerate flaming. Max's mom - with all due respect to your pain and situation, Hissy is a respected member of this forum who gives a lot financially and otherwise to animals in need on a daily basis. So, I feel that your response was out of line - if not in content that certainly in tone. You can convey the same message with kinder words IMO.

Anyone else who feels like flaming - please take it to PM or email - it only offends others who read the posts. If you want, feel free to email or PM me about it and about any posts that you think are out of line.

Thank you everyone!
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You know what, Cat, I don't think you should close this thread. I really don't. I just think that everybody ought to sit back, take a deep breath and think about what's going on here

I know not many of you know me, but I just want to try to point a couple of things out. I'm really not trying to piss anybody off. I'm hoping I can help make some sense of some things.

First of all, Cat's post was well-intended. Cat has a flair and a talent for dramatic writing, and sometimes, she tends to go a little overboard (sorry Cat!), and, as we all know, emails and posts are often misintrepreted. Her only concern is for Denice and Max. The reason she came on so strongly is because she is very emotional when it comes to Denice and Max, as I am, and she has worked literally dozens of hours trying to get the media and other people to help by publicizing the case and/or by donating money to Max's trust fund, with NO response. I know she is frustrated, because I am, too. I emailed 100 people one night who I know have a concern for Max, asking them to donate to the trust fund, and only 2 of them even bothered to write me back.

Please believe me when I tell you that she did not intend to come across the way that it was perceived. Honest. I know you don't know me very well, but anyone who *does* know me knows that I tell it to you straight. She has been beating her head against a brick wall for *months* now trying to help get this jerk Lacy locked up.

And, just so you'll know, the trust fund is sponsored by Denice's attorney, and when she receives donations, she writes a check to her attorney. Denice isn't sponsoring this trust fund. Also, the money from the trust fund will go to paying the attorney fees for the civil suit Denice has against James Lacy, and any left over money will go to cat charities and organizations, and, if she wins the civil suit, this money, too, will go towards cat charities and organizations. She will not keep one thin dime of it other than to use what she needs of it to pay the attorney to keep the suit going.

And as for Denice, think about it guys. She can't even bury Max because he is "evidence'. You guys should understand that being cat lovers. She is totally stressed to the max, and she is very frustrated, too. She doesn't like to ask people for money. Not many of us do.

I totally understand hard times; I really do. And I definitely know what financial difficulty is, so I can understand if someone can't contribute. I really can. I can barely make ends meet myself. So I understand where you're coming from, Hissy. But please believe me when I tell you that Cat had no thoughts whatsoever about trying to "guilt" you into contributing.

I'm just trying to let you know where Cat and Denice are coming from. It's really been tough the last few months. I hope you guys understand and maybe everybody can start over. None of us would be posting on this site if we weren't caring people.

Take care, and thanks for listening.
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You may do what you like with your site. I will not be back, nor will I be lectured. I have single handedly fought this battle, sucessfully,with the help of a few kind hearted people, before that, alone. without this sites help.I still stand by my word that it was extrememely presumptuos for hissy to make that "assumption" regarding Catarina'a post! Good luck to you.

Please remove me from your member list,

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JamieJ, What a great note! You did such a good job explaining what is going on. I think everyone at this site is feeling very raw...its kind of like when your skin is burned - everything that touches the burn hurts - even things that you normally wouldn't even notice. I think that everyone here is like that raw wound...even things that weren't said to be harmful feel as if they were said in a deliberately mean way. I think Anne is right. We all need to sit back and take care of our wounds and come back when we are feeling better.

Denice...I know we haven't been as supportive as we could be. But...I think everyone here is behind you and we all want to see that brutal killer get what he deserves. Please don't give up on us. Once everyone calms down I think you will find more support than you have received in the past.

Lets all sit back - take a deep cleansing breath - and remember that the reason you come to this site is because it is made up of a bunch of really cool, loving folks -- all of whom have their own quirks.

Lets be friends again!
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I agree with Lotsocats....Jamie j`s recap of the thread was superb. It is so easy to misinterpret a persons intentions. I weigh every word I type very carefully, because I know I would be devistated if someone misinterpreted what I was saying and flared at me.
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This is the first time I have read this thread....and I feel very, VERY sad!!!
I beleive that Catarina was only trying to help out, and her love for animals, and this horrible situation with Max, made her come across strong....but I did not think she was trying to Guilt anyone into giving.
I also don't think Hissy meant anything bad, either...she was just trying to explain that if she (and others) had the money, they (we) would help all we is not because we don't care.

I think both posts were taken the wrong way....and I truley wish all this would stop.

This is a wonderful site...and Anne does so well to keep it going...but we can't all be here 24 hours a day to monitor posts....and say...well, maybe you should put that another way, so is not misinterpreted.
So by the time we get here.....tempers are aflare, and feelings are hurt.
I for one, will admit, this happened to me recently. I regret that I took a post made by a fellow member in a bad way....but I did. And I respondeed accordingly. Which only made it worse.
I now will try to step back....wait a day or two...and see if I still feel the same way...or still take the post in the same way. Then, if so...I may speak my mind....but in a gentle I beleive Hissy did, but like I also said....I don't for one second think Catarina was out of line either.
Neither of you were. It was just all taken wrong. I am sorry that it happened. It is NOONES fault.
We are all humans and we all misunderstand!!!!!!!!!
So PLEASE Catarina, and Max's Mom.... do NOT leave us!!!!
Cat, I LOVE you......Please don't go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Hissy....I LOVE you too!!!!!!!!!
Let's shake hands, and try to get over this misunderstanding!!!!!

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Please nooone delete this thread.....until all parties involved have read my post. Thank you.
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I never said there was anything wrong with Cat's post. I think by now we all know what an Catarina is and I love her dearly. I also have nothing against the effort to raise money for Max - I think there is no difference of opinion regarding this struggle.

What I was referring to was the tone in which Hissy's reply was referred to.

Max's mom - please believe me I had no intention of hurting anyone's feelings, least of all yours. If I have then I apoligize from the bottom of my heart. I don't know if that's any excuse, but I was back from a pre-natal check up where I had to wait for 2.5 hours just to see the doctor. by the time I got home it was past midnight and I may have been too harsh in my words. Again, I apologize if I hurt your feelings - believe me I did not meant to.

I agree with what fellow members said here. There have been some flamings around here that I did not appreciate (not in this thread) and I guess I'm not very good with that. We all need to be more careful in the tone and words we use in our posts - I'm no exception...
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Good Morning Everyone,

I was so numb this morning when I woke up. I felt as though I had lost all my friends and was so sad. I really didn't believe I could come back here after yesterday's fiasco. I do, however want to thank you for your support, Hissy, I do want to patch things up. It's the right thing to do.

I guess things happen for reasons that I don't understand and perhaps one day I will, but for now I don't. All I know is that I need to go on today. It's so beautiful here. Opie is on my window sill looking so handsome, what a regal cat I've been so blessed with..he's gorgeous. He's staring at my fingers as they fly on the keyboard...he's seems so entertained...boy what a life, just sitting on that chair...Too bad she can't be me! That's probably what he thinks. It makes me so very happy and to share his image with you.

Denice is my very good friend. It is an honor to know her. I've seen this woman battle fierce contenders and she's so determined to win at all costs. And she will. This is why I defend her and will always defend any of my friends. We must all understand her pain. I do want to point out that she is not looking for a reward. Her donations are to fight so this man will spend time in jail...there is no amount of money that will replace Max. Some of you got the wrong impression. I hope this clears up any misconception why the donations were being asked for.

Thank you so much Anne, your apology was so honorable that my admiration for you has certainly risen way above most. It is very difficult to admit when you're wrong or you have been somewhat over emotional. That is so brave. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As for writing delusions, I never knew I went overboard (lol) but I'm going to take a look at that too. I love you Jamie. Thank you for your loving recap and I want to thank all for giving her the chance to explain.

Well, I guess that's enough of that...I'm going to enjoy this gorgeous day that God's given us. I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed day too.

With Best Wishes
Love & God Bless Always,

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I truly did not mean to make you cry with my post. The first one I wrote was a bit stern and I deleted it,then walked away from the computer and just thought about it. But, maybe it was just bad timing that I read your post when I did. But gal, after you write something to all of us, would you just please take a deep breath, walk away and come back re-read it and then push submit? You appear to have a tendency to blurt things out in your passion, and those "blurts" are sometimes humorous, but sometimes they hurt others. Your blurt yesterday hurt me. My response was to get back at you, and it was the WRONG thing to do here on the board. I should of just gone to email and explained to you how some of your statements affected me. Then, it would not have been necessary for someone to alert Max's Mom and have her come here and cause her further pain. That was not my intent at all.

I have known plenty of people who have taken up a cat's cause and sometimes there is justice in the end, but most times, it comes out in a very unfair way for the cat and the owner. Here in Oregon, after countless letter writing campaigns and emails and petitions, the legislature finally toughened up the animal abuse laws! It has been almost 6 years in getting to this stage. But it is a celebration that finally people ARE listening.

If you and Denice are still so furious at me for speaking my mind, then please take it to email and off this board. Please tell her I meant no disrespect to Max's memory, for the post was to you, not to her. But for the sake of Anne and further flames, if you are hissed off email me. You can do it very easily.
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I ran across this thread this morning for the first time and read through the entire thing. We all have different things that we become passioned about and react to in different manners. I have only been here since this Spring - but have found that any problem or question that members have are thought about and cared about by other members. Everyone that comes here loves animals and cares for them in the ways that they can. Sometimes this is in the way of money or just reaching down to pet a stray or give him a bit of food. Others open their doors and give fur children a home, safe from abuse and neglect. Sometimes, we may help by just saying I understand, or I am sorry for you. The important thing is that we give of ourselves to another human/animal. No one thing is more of less important.
Meow to you all..........
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