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Abscess on the paw

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We noticed our male cat Simba has a swollen paw on Saturday afternoon. I was finally able to get him into the vet this morning since they were closed for the holiday's all weekend. Poor thing has an abscess (which I suspected). The vet was able to drain it for him, soak it for a bit, and then wrapped it to keep it from getting all over the place as it continues to drain. He is on pain meds (to help with any pain from having to have it drained) and an antibiotic. Im not too worried right now since his foot is wrapped but it only needs to stay on for 24 hours and then come off. Im worried about what happens after that, and keeping the area clean (which seems impossible since its on the bottom of his paw). She suggested using newspaper for a catbox to cut down on bacteria but I know for a fact he wont go for it (8 years old and does not like change).


Does anyone have any tips or tricks for me? He is a house cat as it i so the vet was surprised he even got an abscess in the first place since its not as common. So he wont be going outside anyways (as he never has). 

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You could try Yesterday's News (litter) or the shredded newspaper in a 2nd box, but still have his normal box and litter available as well.  You can also soak his paw in some warm Epsom Salt water to help with drawing out the infection and keeping it clean.  If necessary, you could use a wash cloth to "soak" the paw in.

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I'll see about that, thanks! Right now he is driving me nuts trying to lick his bandage off. Gah! These cats will be the death of me! 

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As mentioned, epsom salts help draw out infection and are good if he will allow you to 'soak' his foot.  You'll be surprised at how well he will keep the area clean once the bandage comes off.  Did the vet give you topical antibiotics to apply to the wound once the bandage comes off?

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It depends a bit on the sort of abscess, whether you should wet the paw or not in keeping it clean. You need to ask the vet whether you can soak it in Epsom salts or maybe spray it every day with antiseptic like iodine solution (Betadine). Some abscesses heal better if kept dry.
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She didnt mention soaking it at all on our own, or anything like that. She said she would call tomorrow to check on him so I will mention it when she calls. And no, she didnt give us any type of topical antibiotics for the wound. 

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His bandage came off today and its still a little bloody. How long does it take for that to heal up usually, so it isnt leaking? 

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It needs to heal from the bottom up, so if it's deep it can take some time.

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I need to call the vet in the morning but in the meantime- I put yesterday's news in his box (normally use SwheatScoop) so that the litter wouldn't go in his abscess. He has been urinating in it but hasn't popped. In fact neither of them have. It's been 32 hours since I switched the litter. I didn't realize until now that there was no poop because I've seen them go in the box and just assumed.

My husband isn't happy and yelled at me over it but I don't know what to do, I can't put the other litter in or else it will go in his open wound.

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A change in the type of litter is quite likely to faze them for a while. But I would not worry for another day or so - it will not hurt them. After that, you might have to put a very light sprinkling of their original to see if that encourages them, and wipe the abscessed paw afterwards.
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