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It was one year ago.....

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when I brought Nakita into my home! Boy, that went by way too fast! Thanks for bringing so much fun and happiness into my home!

Happy One Year Anniversary Nakita!

Here's the link to the original thread where I talk about bringing her home.

I Am Back & I Bring Fur

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Happy anniversary Nakita!!! Big squishie hugs and kisses from me, purrs from Ivo (and a big congratulations and hugs for you too, Kass!).
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Send us more pics
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Congratulations Nakita for finding a good mum!

Happy Anniversary!
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I can't believe it's been a year already!

Happy Anniversary Nakita!

We want new pictures!
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I love that kitty! I am so glad you share her with all of us!
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Happy adoption day! And may you have many more!
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Happy One Year Together, Nakita and Kass!! Wishing you many many more years to come.

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Congratulations Kass and Nakita on your one year anniversary! May you have years and years together.
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I am back and I bring fur!
I didn't remember.

What a pip reading through that thread!

Even though she is small, she is becoming quite the little "Miss Attitude"!....She is totally adorable and quite the character.
Her attitude and character come through in all those wonderful pictures you've shared. We all fell in love with her then - and our "love affair" with Nakita hopefully has many, many happy years left to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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happy anniversary Kass! There are soo many more to come!!

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Wow how time flies!!!!!!!!!
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Happy one year anniversary to the family!!
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Happy Anniversary to Nakita and Kass and Rob!!! May you have many, many more happy years ahead of all of you.
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Happy Anniversary, Nakita!
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Happy Anni-Catary! Hehe...what a celebration!!

Mittens will be with me one year on January 1st! :flower:
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Yeah! happy anniversary Nakita! One year ago you became the luckiest kitty to get such a loving home and adoring TCS public!
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Happy Happy Anniversary to You, Nakita kitty and your Meowmy and Daddy too
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Happy anniversary to Nakita
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awwww she was sooo tiny in the other thread what a little cutie! And she grew up into a lovely young lady
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Happy Anniversary to you BOTH!

And many, many, many, many more..............
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Happy Anniversary Nakita!! What a beauty....

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Happy Anniversary to Nikita and family!!!!

Still a beauty.
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How wonderful Nakita!!!

Happy Adoption day to you!!!
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We're suppossed to celebrate her anniversary WITHOUT any new pics???

Congrats to you both, she's obviously stolen many hearts for sure! May you have many more years together.
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Happy 1 Year Anniversary Nakita
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