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Poor Hampster!

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Looks like lunch to me!!!
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If that is your photo might I suggest you send it into Caption This? LOL
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excellent caption this pic LOL
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you beat me to it Hissy
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Oh dear!
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Wish I could take credit for this photo but, alas, a friend sent it to me this morning. Too funny!
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Well you could suggest she join and submit it herself! We give lovely prizes to the winners.
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that is adorable! but probably the hamster doesnt feel this way...
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Super cute.
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Ohhh! Poor hammy! I keep my hamsters in a cage that doesn't look like a cage, becuase Marley wants to eat anything smaller than a rat. I have a passion for rodents, and after she killed my favorite duprasi (little rodent, somewhat related to a gerbil), I decided I needed to keep them locked up a little better. She NEVER tried to eat a full grown rat, or chinchilla. But I sure do know when the baby chinchillas are born! Willie and Rueben, my other kitties, could care less about the rodents. One of my chinchillas got out once, and before I could catch her, she ran over to rueben and scared the crap out of him! Here's my hammy cage
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OMG that looks to funny

yeah send it to Caption This ..... please that would be a great one
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"Is it soup, yet?"
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Not Yet!
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If I only had a camera! We also have a hampster,and this is a common scene at my house!

My hampster has a hamster ball. You should see what fun the cats have with that! I think buddy (hamster) really likes to play with them to as long as he knows he is safe in his ball.

I will never forget the day we came home to an escaped hamster. If we did not get home when we did there would have been trouble! I thought Jerry was carrying around a peice of cotton batting. Upon closer examination I relized it was my poor tiny hamster. Jerry must have been so suprised he had actually caught him because the hamster survived the whole thing. When we replaced buddy in his cage Jerry was so mad that we took his treat away! He wouldnt talk to us for a couple days.

On a related note my grandfather, who is getting up there in age, had a couple parakeets. He was having a hard time taking care of them so he brought them over here. They are very beutiful birds and sing so pretty. However I never realized how hard it is to find a place that cats cannot reach! I think they might be in a good spot now. Jerry and Lilly will not quit looking at them. I think they are waighting for them to fall off the hook!

I am going to be buying a digital camera in the nearfuture. I can not waight to share photos with you all!
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Wow a hammy townhouse..
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I was actually considering getting a guinea pig but after careful consideration, decided against it. Didn't want it to be on the menu!
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Very cute picture!
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Oh my, poor hamster! I can just imagine the look of terror on his face!
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