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It's National Feral Cat Day!

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This being The Cat Site , I just thought I'd take a moment to bring it to everyone's attention that in the U.S. today it is National Feral Cat Day. All across the country programs are being held to raise awareness about the plight of feral cats - and to raise awareness about solutions to their plight. Many shelters are hosting free spay/neuter clinics; workshops are being held on what individuals can do to help ensure "No More Homeless Pets" (also the name of the campaign of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, www.bestfriends.org), and animal rights, rescue and cat rescue sites and newsletters across the country are highlighting information and education about feral cats.

There is a No More Homeless Pets conference being held in Philadelphia Oct 24 - 26, and Alley Cat Allies (www.allecat.org) and Best Friends Animal Society have joined together to launch a new campaign called Wild About Cats which "is a campaign to promote an understanding of the feral cat's* nature, origins, history, social structure, and niche in our society and environment. Wild About Cats! will present unvarnished facts about feral cats and successful methods for humans both to interact with them and to reduce their numbers." Wild About Cats Campaign.

A site that a number of TCS members have created, Stray Pet Advocacy is doing its part to help continue the process of education and provide materials for those who wish to become active in working with and advocating for humane (and cost-effective) programs for homeless animals.

I hope we all find the time to take a moment today to declare that the U.S. should become a no-kill nation. And if no-kill methods of animal control are under fire in your community, please help support those fighting for your ferals, whether it be support for TNR programs or low-cost spay/neuter programs.

Happy National Feral Cat Day! And let's do something to make our ferals happy..........

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There is also a cat clinic in Manhatten that is spaying and neutering for a nickel!!!!! KUDOS to them!!! Boy I bet they are swamped today! LOL
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We could do with more nickel spay and neuter days!

Thanks Laurie for bringing this to our attention!!!!

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Thought I'd give this a bump so our evening members get to notice it's Feral Cat Day!
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Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We could use this more then once a year!

I believe "No More Homeless Pets" started in Utah. Best friends Animal Sanctuary started up here too.
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just giving this a bump
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Just wanted to add that in honor of this day we have special feral-related articles on TCS this month. Check out the main page for links or wait for your copy of Kitty Bytes (soon to be released)
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