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Tomorrow evening.. Craig and I are going to view a new apartment in Belmont. It's a little city outside of San Francisco... its has a much more rural feel.. which is nice because living in the city is icky.. and MUCHO expensive.

The place we are going to view sounds promising. For starters.. its not like a normal company.. its personal owned buy a couple.. which I like.. things usually go much better when you have a down to earth landlord.

OOOOH AND... they *love* cats.. I told her we had three cats and she said "wonderful.. we love cats.. the environment here is perfect for cats"... I was like ok.. thats a check on the good side.. so I asked what the pet deposit was.. she said that she'd talk with her husband but that she didn't think it'd be that much because they've never had a problem with cats! (I'm getting pumped up at this point in the conversation)

So, I ask her some of the features.. she said it had a lot of closets, cabinets, and even a storage space.. AND it has a fireplace! I heard fireplace and immediately started drooling. It's 2 bed 1.5 bath. She couldn't give me the square footage off the top of her head.. but I'm still really excited.. I guess I just can't wait to get out of the city.

She also said its near a very BIG shopping center *ding ding ding.. I'm sold* now just gotta look at it and make sure its not a complete dump! :tounge2:

Oooh and we are paying $2750 for the 2 bedroom 2 bathroom loft we are living in now... the place we are viewing tomorrow is 2 bedroom 1.5 bathroom and they are only asking $1525. That's still a bit steep.. but its MUCH better than what we are currently paying and its closer to Craig's job.. so he won't have such a long commute (sp) to work!

So far there is no negative points about moving to Belmont.. other than the fact that we have *actually* viewed the apartment! I'll give ya an update tomorrow night and let ya know what I think

I'm so excited!

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How exciting!!! I love moving (you've given me the bug now...Im gonna have to start looking!) I'm really glad you've found somewhere that sounds so promising (and is so fond of kitties! what a bonus!)

Just think.....what will you be able to do/buy with all the money you'll be saving!!??!! (maybe room for another baby? hee hee)
Do let us know what its like when you've seen it - but don't make me too jealous!!

Hope all goes well!

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Cassie, that sounds great!!! Do let us know what's going on, I'm so excited for you and glad too!!!
BTW, I've put you close-up of Drew as wallpaper - he's gorgeous!
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I hope the new place works out. It sounds great. Let us know!
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Billie! Thank you for admiring Craig's baby. Drew lets me pet him now and then but he mostly sticks to his daddy. I think he has the most goregeous eyes.. they are so big and bright. It's funny.. he lets me pick him up for about a minute.. and he lets me talk to him and cuddle.. then its like "okay, times up.. ". With Craig..its a totally different story. Craig doesn't even have to look at him.. all he has to do is come within a few feet of Drew and Drew will start purring.. and Craig can pick him up at any minute and hold him as long as he wants and Drew simply bathes in Craig's love.

It's not fair I tell you! I feed them, make sure they have fresh cool water daily, I clean their litterbox, play with them, give them treats, etc. All Craig does is pet them and love them.. and Drew gives him all the love! What have I done wrong?

Thanks again Billie... Drew is Craig's pride and joy.. and even though he doesn't give me as much attention I love him just the same!

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Good luck on visiting what may be your new home. I just moved from FL to TN (by myself with Salem). Rent cheaper here too. And I can have all the kitties I want, within reason,whatever that is.
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Sounds wonderful toyslady. I wish I could have all the kittys I want.. I'd have one of each kind there is!!!

I absolutely ADORE cats... but between being allgeric, and only having a 2 bedroom apartment.. we've decided 3 is enough... for now.

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As much as I'd like one of each, I'll take strays at the shelter and the abandoned little ones at my dad's homestead in the mts of SW Virginia. (Hes no longer with us so I visit my uncles and cousins still living there) and there are always kittens running around, some wild, some friendly. I need a few for the mice in the garage (my fear). Maybe I'll get some older ones for that.
If the new place works out maybe you can get one more?
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Cassie; The new place sounds perfect for you and Craig and "The Kids" How "refreshing" to find a place that WELCOMES CATS!!! Although it will be difficult to type the rest of the day; I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!!
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Thank you 3LK We are both anxious to get out of here. When we move it'll be our own place... we won't have to share it with two room-mates like now. So that will be nice... and I think the cats will LOVE the fireplace mantle.. I'm gonna get pictures once they start climbing up on that!

That and it won't be as crowded so they'll have more room to lounge around.. and now we have room for a scratching post and a kitty gym or something!! I can' wait to start spoiling these guys!

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Cassie! Keep us posted on how it is going! I am so happy for you!
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