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Boy, 4, Attacked With Boiling Hot Fries

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Boy, 4, Attacked With Boiling Hot Fries

When a 4-year-old boy accidentally smeared ice cream on the sleeve of an 18-year-old woman who was nine months pregnant, she retaliated by chasing him through the McDonald's restaurant located in a Wal-Mart in Germantown, Maryland, pinning him in a headlock, and rubbing hot, greasy french fries in his eyes. The incident occurred last May, and on Tuesday the woman, Milikia Hayes, was sentenced to four days in jail and ordered to attend anger management and parenting classes, reports The Washington Post.

Hayes and the child did not know each other. When the ice cream touched her sleeve, she started screaming at the small boy, whom The Post describes as "terrified." State's Attorney Douglas F. Gansler said Hayes smeared "boiling hot, greasy french fries" on his face. "The boy was scared to death," Gansler said. "It is incomprehensible to think that an adult would attack a child of any age in such a manner." The child's eyes were swollen after the attack, but he suffered no serious physical harm.

Hayes' excuse for her actions? She was on her way to a baby shower and was wearing one of her nicest shirts. She pleaded guilty to second-degree assault, which is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. However, a Circuit Court judge sentenced her to 18 months in jail, with all but four days suspended, and ordered her to attend the classes, reports The Post. "Clearly, her own behavior was inappropriate and egregious for any adult, much less someone about to have her own child," Gansler told The Post. "In getting this type of sentence, we hope it will ensure that she's learned a valuable lesson and will help her in raising her own child."

I can't believe she only got 4 days - that is not enough!!!!!!
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And she's PREGNANT? I really hate to think what she's going to do to her own children-if she goes ballistic over ice cream on her sleeve, what is she going to do when her child draws on the walls (or makes instant coffee on the floor, like my brother and I did)? I hope that she will get some kind of supervision or counseling, or this might turn out really badly.
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I feel so bad for that poor little boy with the ice cream. Good grief, what a monster that woman is! And she's going to have a child of her own soon.

I do hope that a counselor will be assigned to keep an eye on her & her child. If she responds that violently to such a minor incident, she'll probably abuse her own child. Who, by the way, will probably break things and smear gooey stuff all over everything, as all kids do!

Small children always seem to be oozing something from somewhere, lol! That's just the way it is.
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Where was the boy's parents? I think, I would have beat the crap out of her if she wasn't pregnant, handling my child like that, no way. She deserves more than 4 days, but because she is fully pregnant, they took sympathy. She sounds very snotty
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they should have forced her to be examined by a psychiatrist.. I read that a symptom of some disease is having very aggressive urges with little or no provokation, and having the need to act on those. There was obviously little to provoke someone in this case and I can't believe they are going to allow this woman to raise her child without at least evaluating her mental status..

Fortunately kids bounce back and if that's the worst thing that happens to him in life it wasn't that bad..
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ummm I think rubbing hot McDonalds fries in a 4 year old kid's eyes is pretty severe, having some icecream on a "nice" shirt isn't. I think we are aware how hot McDonald's fries can be when made fresh. The woman should have been acting like an 'adult' not a little spoiled brat out to attack a 4 year old. It's one thing if the kid had kicked her in the pregnant belly area to warrant some kind of abuse towards him, but that is ridiculous for icecream which can be washed out.
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Only FOUR days??? Disgusting. I hope she's also had parenting lessons since so she doesn't abuse her own child.
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I wonder the 4 yr olds parents were...
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I feel bad for her kids. She should have spent more time in jail and I hope she got a psychiatric eval, too.
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I'd like to sign up for the "Where where the parents?" list, please. Trust me, if someone made a move towards my child, they wouldn't be able to get him in a headlock, they'd be on the floor. I don't give a crap if they're pregnant.
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Yeah, but you're just a wild woman Lola!

OK, I have to agree though. I can imagine the parents standing there in shock at the first lunge, but once she got him in a headlock the shock would wear off pretty darn fast!

Only 4 days? For assaulting a CHILD??? Unbelievable.
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add me to the where was the kids parent's list. that i just crazy!
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...I think there's more to the story than meets the eye, maybe the kid was taunting her?

Still does not justify her actions.
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I'd like to sign up for the "Where where the parents?" list, please.

Originally posted by WillieWZ
Trust me, if someone made a move towards my child, they wouldn't be able to get him in a headlock, they'd be on the floor. I don't give a crap if they're pregnant.
My thoughts exactly.I have a son that will be 4 in Feb. and I would DARE someone to try that crap with my child.
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anyone that commits a crime of any fashion towards a child
should be doing more than 4 days in jail
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That sucks! Poor boy but I bet you he's over it. Naughty lady I hope she doesn't hurt her on child..

WHERE were the parents??? gosh!
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Sign me up for the "where were the boy's parents" list...

personally, had it been my child, that girl would have been lucky if i only landed her on the floor.... there is a reason why i've always felt that my totem animal is a tiger.

and i can't call anyone who would act like that a WOMAN; that was toddler like behaviour!! she did not get what she deserved!
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Not only should we ask where the parents of the boy were, but what were the rest of the people in McDonalds doing? Watching the show?
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Another one on the "where's the parents" list!

Anyone as much as shouted at my boy would have to deal with me that very instant! I can see how the other people may have been slow responding - but I think parents have a different instinctive reaction to their child being abused like that. Maybe the child was with a baby sitter or an older brother?

That woman sure needs a psychiatric evaluation and quick - before she has a child of her own to take care of.
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Wow for once on this board I am with the majority! hehe

I can't belive that in a world were you can't even spank a child in public without getting your child taken from you that they would give her only 4 days and some classes and I know from first hand experiance that those "classes" don't do anything for anger managment. If I were the parents I would Sue the lady for emotional harm done to the child and themselves. I am sure they could win that suit and ruin the hot headed teen.

I sure pray that her child gets better treatment that that little boy!
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Ok admittedly upfront I have a soft spot for little kids. Not only do I wonder where his parents were, I want to know what everyone else sitting there was thinking! If that had been MY child that woman would have been on her a@@ pregnant or not. Even if it hadn't been my child I would have intervened. Yes, I have done it before. At a parade a couple of years ago 2 women got into a screaming match not 10 feet from me and my family, one of whom is holding a child that is maybe 18 months old. Well, to make it short they ended up in a hair-pulling, kicking match on the ground with the baby safely in my arms. As soon as they started the baby was dropped and I snatched him up out of harms way.

I would have had a thing or 3 to say to this woman.
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I haven't got any children of my own but I have looked after cousins who were 3 and four years of age. I always kept my eye on them and they were never allowed to wander off or go anywhere by themselves. I wasn't scared of what may happen to me if anything happenned to me, I was worried about them. Where were the parents when this happenned? And why in the world have they been left out of the story? It's like the four year old doesn't have any, or attentive ones anyway.

And as for the pregnant woman, is the Welfare going to check up on her weekly after the birth of her child? I sure hope so. I thought pregnant women have hormones flowing through them promoting "Children are great" vibes, if not but surely the marternal instinct would kick in.
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This "woman" we are speaking of is 18 years old and evidently not really a woman but an overgrown child who had a hissy fit when another child dirtied her party clothing!! This "woman" didn't need jail time, this "woman" needed counseling and she also needs close watching after her baby is born. Alot of 18 year olds are NOT grown up and definitely should not be having children of their own.
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