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New Kittens...Should I Shouldn't I???

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Right I am in a huge dilema......I was contacted last night by a kitty rescue place who have 3 persian kittens - 2 girls who are brown and 1 boy who is black they were born May 1st. The need a home and the lady said you can take one or all of them if you like.....

Right the dilemas I have are:
1) i live in a not particularly large 2 bedroom flat
2) I already have 2 4 legged critters
3) I am going on holiday next week
4) I would feel soooooo darn guilty giving only one of them a home and not the others

As yet I have not seen them because I cannot decide.......I would love to but I am not sure my flat would be able to cope with 5 citters.....

Need imput.....thanks for your help
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It is not really the size of your flat or your heart that matters, but the determining factor is can you financially handle these new arrivals? Or will the quality of life for the two you already have go down a notch? I am not talking just food, but vet care and other expenses that come up. There is a problem when too many cats get into the same vicinity, you start having territory wars and the males will begin spraying, so all that and more you need to take into account before you say yes, I will take one or all of them. I already know you have a heart as wide as the ocean, but kittens are generally easier to place than older cats, so maybe this isn't meant to be?
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I go with Hissy on that Amanda!
I sure do know how you feel - I also want to have millions of critters but I am aware that I can't take proper care of too many. I give my only baby everything he needs but I doubt it if I can afford another cat. I'm out all day and my flat has just two rooms so it will be difficult for the animals.
Just consider teh pros and cons and remember that the cat's wellbeing should always come first.
I am more than certain that you'd give the babies all the love they need but still give it a though honey.
Love you
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Dearest Amanda :angel2:

I do agree with the practicality; however, I've always been in dillema with practicallity and the size of my heart! For some reason...the Lord has always provided and has NEVER abandoned me. This is the flip side that you may want to consider. :angel2:

Hissy does bring a great point up regarding the placement of kittens though...

To be honest, if it were me, I'd wind up keeping them. My cats are used to newcomers though. Even the puppy's finally being loved by them it's such an adorable thing to watch...cuddling by my kitties and that pup has been a Godsend!! I've never seen something so precious!

Good luck my sweet!

Love &,
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Can you afford to take in 4 others with their vet bills and their food. there is no doubt that you could love them and I know if you saw them you wouldn't have any doubts. but could you give your others and these new babies enough love to weather the storm when you introduce them? I know speaking for my self if I couldn't afford the vet bills and if it wasn't that I would take them in a minute
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