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*merged* Electric Toothbrushes Thread

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I'm thinking of getting an electric toothbrush, and I've narrowed it down to the Sonicare Elite and the Braun Oral B 3D Excel. I can't decide!!!

Does anyone have any experience with these toothbrushes? Thanks!

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Hmmm . . . I've always wanted an electric toothbrush . . . I don't have one, though. Sorry, I'm not much help!
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My husband got himself one with batteries . He was not to happy with it . I don't remember what kind it was , but know for sure while brushing your teeth the old way is a better job at least with what my hubby had .
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Yeah, the ones with batteries are LOUD. I bought a cheap one and was afraid to use it at my boyfriend's house for fear of waking up his mom
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On her dentist's recommendation, my mother has a Sonicare. Her teeth were pretty bad, before the stroke and, since then, she hasn't been able to complete her dental work. Since my dad has to brush her teeth, the Sonicare makes it easier for both of them.
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My fiancee got me a Soniccare for xmas last year and I love it! I went to the dentist dreading what he would find and after using that from Xmas on until last month(the appt time) I was found to have NO cavities! I always have one or two when I go.I hope that this no cavity thing will keep up since I've been using the Sonic care religiously.
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I have a Braun Oral B 3D Excel and I've been to the dentist and he told me that he has never seen my gums in such good shape. I also had no cavities.

Mine is electric and has back up batteries just in case we lose power up here which happens quite a lot. But the thing that floored me was what he said. I'm so happy with my Braun.

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I've been using the Crest Spinbrush Pro & I really like it. I feel like I get my teeth a lot cleaner than with a standard toothbrush. They are kind of loud though. I've been thinking about upgrading to a better one. I think I'll have to try one of those Soniccare's.
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I used to have a Braun and it died on me completely after 3 years. I now have one of those cheapie spin brushes from Crest and am completely satisfied with it.

Check with your dentist on which one they recommend.
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I have a Sonicare - one of those 'expensive but worth it' type
So far so good
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I also have a Crest SpinBrush and love it. I feel that my teeth are much cleaner than w/ a regular old fashioned tooth brush. Plus it does wonders for your gums as well. They are only about 8 bucks, run on batteries,and do a great job.
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I have a crest spinbrush pro as well and I am satisfied with it. THe only thing I hate about it is that it tickles my nose
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Reading all that . I guess my husband must of had a cheapo one
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I remember when the Crest Spin brushes first came out. I had to buy one just to see if it really worked. It was ok, but I hated having to buy a complete new one every other month. That was before the heads came off. Once the made the detachable heads, I bought one of those. Sure enough, just short after I bought that one they came out with the SpinPro (where the head spins in 2 different spots instead of just the very top). So, I thought I'd buy the new heads for the Pro & see if they work on the old unit & I does! So, if you have an older model with the detachable head you should be able to buy the newest Spin Pro heads for it! Just thought I'd let you know so you don't have to buy a completely new tooth brush!
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My dentist specifically recommended the Sonicare brush, and it is very effective. The initial cost is high, about $100 for the brush and recharger, and you have to replace the head every 6 months. Replacement heads run about $15 each.
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Actually I think they might be cheaper than $100...I thought I seen them at Walmart for around $60 to $70. Either way, it's kind of high but if it works great & lasts for a long time that's a good deal.
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We have the 3D Excel. I love it!!
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I have weird teeth, and a very small mouth, so I have to use a children's toothbrush (I'm not making this up, the dentist said so, lol!). I have one of those cheap Colgate Kids ones that works on batteries. It's shaped like a unicorn :p. It was on sale at WalMart last month for $4.88. I'll have to replace it next month (the kids ones aren't made with replaceable heads), but for 5 bucks, it works amazingly well!
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Oh boy, decisions decisions! I tired a Crest Spin Brush pro and didn't like it too much. I think I need something with a smaller head, because I have big teeth and cavity prone wisdom teeth waaaaaaay in the back.

The Sonicare vs. Braun race is very close. Lol, I'm so anal. Sometimes I wish I didn't put so much thought into buying things
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I have a good electric toothbrush and It was $15- That's a really good price and it's excellent! Mums has spinny heads and different speads and hers was $20-

WOW! $100 for a Toothbrush, You could buy a decent stereo over here for that much!
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I have a Braun Oral B and love it. My gums are in much better shape too.
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I have a crest one, I think -- It's a battery-operated one as well. Speaking of toothbrushes, has anyone tried the crest herbal toothpaste with lemon? I tried it, and it is gross! I see they have orange listerine now, too!
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I just bought and oral b 3D excel and I really like it! I was wonder if anyone else has one and if they really help your teeth? I should have just spent the extra 20 dollars and got the top of the line one, but I THOUGHT this one was 39.99..turns out I was looking at the wrong sticker and it was 79.99 We won't tell hubby that!!!
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I've got one but it wasn't that expensive! It was an Braun Oral B though. I love it and it has helped my gums and the back of my teeth especially.
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My better half(LOL yeah right!) got me a Sonic care last year and I absolutely love it! I went to the dentist after using it and he told me I had no cavities! if you only knew how good that felt! I ALWAYS have a cavity or two when I go and that time was fantastic! I truely recommend them!
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Yeah - I've got the Braun Oral B one too - and I have to say it's the best investment I ever made teeth-wise.

Us Brits aren't reknowned for having gleaming white teeth, but this goes some way towards me having a clean, healthy mouth (which reminds me, I need to find GBP1400.00 to have the veneers on my front teeth replaced . . .) yikes!!!!
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There is thread already going on with this topic, so I'm going to merge them together if thats ok w/ everone.
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I have the Wal-Mart version of the Oral B, and I love it! It was just a few cents under $10. It's rechargeable, and it has a signal "click" to let you know if you're brushing too hard. It's good because I can get my teeth nice & clean without damaging my gums (I was really bad about brushing too hard, and if you do that too much it will expose the roots of your teeth & make them really sensitive). The replacement heads aren't outrageously expensive, either.
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after using it last night and this moring I think my teeth are whiter already! I should have just gotten the sonic though, but I had no idea this one was that expensive!
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Soniccare is the best - tried a bunch of them and my dentist has noticed the difference since I've been using it. If you get one, make sure you get the quadra-pacer model - it beeps after 30 seconds so you know that you've gone long enough on a portion of your teeth.
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