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Please help me

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HI,about a yaer ago I got to female cats and recently they have been acting very weird. They leave my house, and don't return for a few days.Can someone please tell me if there is reason they do this.Thank YOU
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That they are not spayed and they are searching for mates. If they are spayed and they are inside/outside cats, it is possible they have found a second family they stay with for awhile before returning to you. Do they return skinny or in good shape?
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Dear NewJerseyCat; As Hissy asked; the ultimate question here is, Are they spayed? How old are they? If they are spayed and do not return starving and haggard; then, I, too, believe that they are "visiting" somewhere in the neighborhood. If they have not been spayed then look forward to new fur babies in about 6wks. . . . . . .

Also, welcome to our Cat Site family and please keep us updated on your "girls'" activities.

TLK and her 6 =^.".^='s
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I know collars don't always work on cats, but try -- putting info on em so if they are going to another home its clear they belong to you. (happened to a friend and it wasn't fun getting em back).
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We have a cat who stays with us during the day and we think goes to her real home at night. She is very healthy and sweet -- too healthy to be stray! We have never figured out where she lives, but we are happy to have her with us. So...I'll bet your girls have found some other cat lovers like my husband and I and are enjoying the benefits of having two homes!
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My cats are a Year and 2 months old.But, i do not think that found mates because I have not noticed any males around the house.I will get the collars with Info.Thanks for all the help!!!
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I there any signs that cats are pregnant.Should I just take them to my vet?
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chances are you won't see them and they have probably jumped your females. Take your females to the vet and have them spayed, that is the easiest thing to do and really the best for the cats. Good luck!
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