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shelter from the cold weather

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What can be done to shelter a cat from the cold weather? It has snowed here and although the cat has been offered to stay inside, he chooses to spend most of his time outside. Whenever he claws i know he wants milk and he just quits being around after he gets milk.
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It this your cat or a stray/feral?  Does he ever come inside?

If not, all you can really do is offer somewhere snug outside and hope he uses it. 


Milk is not great for cats, either.  Do you give him any food?

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Hello. Pretty boy comes inside my place at least once a day for food and to play with toys I bought him. I was hoping to have him sleep in but he always just wants to go outdoors. At first I thought he was a girl but discovered a male instead. He knows how to knock on the door if he wants me to open the door. Do you know if spaying a male will change his personality? In answer to your question about if i own him - i have posted pictures and extra description on craigslist hoping an owner would claim him. Speaking strictly for me i enjoy pretty boy very much. He does not know what a liter box is for and we change rooms when he plays with a doll i gave him. He likes some privacy.
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Neutering a male is really important!  If you're sure he hasn't been done, please do take him in.  :)

If you ever want to have him as an indoor cat it will be essential, or he will spray. 

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Neutering a male won't change any of the positives about his personality.  He will quit wanting to roam and will make him a more people oriented cat.  Not so much now but come spring you probably won't see much of him at all because he will be chasing the ladies.  With chasing the ladies will come the fights.  With the fights even if he survives will come the abscesses and exposure to life threatening diseases.  If you want him to be an indoor cat you will definitely need to get him neutered.  Even if he does stay outside he will be much safer if he is neutered.  Of course safest would be if he stayed indoors.


I don't know if you are in a house or apartment but if he insists on outdoor time you could build some type of enclosure for him.

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:wavey: Hi and welcome to the boards!!


I hope you will seriously consider neutering Pretty boy.  I totally understand being worried about it changing his personality, but really, neutering just changes cats for the better.  I have had hundreds of fosters neutered over the years and they are without a doubt more cuddly and friendly after the neutering than before it. It is also a lot better for a cats long term health to be neutered, and will stop him from mating.  While on first glance some people think that is cruel, it is not pleasant for cats to want to mate.  it is an all consuming drive that reduces their enjoyment of life.  It is also very sad then, as the kittens that result are often unwanted and end up dying outside from cold or being put to sleep or meeting miserable ends in other ways.  


I am not meaning to be overly dramatic or to scare you off, but I think it's important to understand the good that can come from neutering!


In your case, neutering may also improve Pretty boy's use of the litterbox.  You can do some things to try to teach him to use a litterbox now, though.  The first thing you will want to do is just place him in the litterbox.  You should also show him how to scratch around in the litterbox.  You should use your own nails/hands for this, or, if he will let you, you can use his paws. 


I am very very happy you are trying to help this kitty.  It sounds like he really trusts you and is glad he's found somewhere safe!

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Another thing to do is buy some Cat Attract litter. There is something (natural) in it to make litter training easier. Also, I want to steer you to the articles on cat care.


As you will see, there is a whole "owner's manual" of information in the articles section. Another good site for information is 

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I wonder if a litter box with dirt in it would be better to start with?  He's used to going outdoors in the dirt so the idea of going in litter may be really foreign.  I think I'd rather go with the cat attract and tulosai's suggestions on how to help him get the idea.


I remember seeing an inexpensive shelter idea posted on Facebook before.  It was made from a couple of rubbermaid type totes and some kind of insulation.  Anyone familiar with that?

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thank you everyone for answering with several suggestions.  pretty boy just looks at the liter box and walks away.  he comes in eats, plays with toys, sits for a while and just leaves.  i put some liter on the porch and steps to help with the slippery ice and maybe that might do it.

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thanks so much.  i have put some liter on the porch and steps as suggested on the liter bag to help with ice.  i hope this works.  the cat comes over to eat, play with toys, sit for a while and then leaves.  

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