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Anne- You're an absolute gem!

What you say goes..
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I am guilty of being a former spammer, but I lost interest in it when I saw that my posts were absolutely meaningless. I love to write in the DT, and read more important threads - I cannot reply to them all but I do have good thoughts for people who need them.

Hissy and Anne are right, they make a good point, it is hard to moderate a long thread that goes on forever because they do not want to sit for hours wading through a meaningless thread that isnt related to the cat site. No offense meant to anyone. I have not been in the spam thread for ages and have no intention of doing so.

Moderating a chat room is tough, I know, I have been a moderator for a deaf chatroom - its not easy watching everything everyone is saying because you cannot have fun and chat because you have to watch every word that everyone is saying.

I dont think it is a good idea to make the spam thread a stickie - it sends out the wrong message that it is okay to make meaningless posts.

My vote would probably be to delete the spam thread - who cares if I lose some posts, they were meaningless anyway and is post count REALLY that important? No, it isnt. Like I said before, it is the quality of the messages, not the quantity. So you have more than 3000 posts? Big whoop!

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Well, since the other mods threw in their 2 cents, I guess I might as well do the same, huh??

From a mods stand point, its really hard to read thru the spam thread regularly to monitor it ( which is what our job is ). Some days there are 100+ posts and most of it is one or two letters at a time, which I just don't see the point of.

The other point that is worth pointing out is that most of us here with 'high' post counts have taken a very long time to achieve that. And our posts are for valid topics, with thought put into them, and knowledge as well. When a new member joins and sees that so and so has 2000 posts, they think that this member is a contributing member here, and is worthy of perhaps answering important questions. BUT, w/ the spam thread, we have members who have 2000+ posts, yet they have only a few posts that are even related to cats. Or none at all in some cases.

I feel that the spam thread is a just a place for people to rack up posts to say that they have 'such and such' a number, when in all reality they are not contributing members of this community. Anne, Hissy, and the rest of us MOD SQUAD have been members here for a long time, have put a lot of effort and time into making these forums run smoothly and fairly, and I think the Spam thread really is just a waste of space....if people want to chit chat ( like in the DT ) that is different, but to post one letter or one number is totally ridiculous in my opinion.
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Deb25, when have a list that is maintained for the users of our software. The members "spamming" one another like in our spam thread is permitted. The spam that we do not allow (and it has occurred) are the same as the spam you commonly receive in your mailbox: bigger private parts, nudie pictures, lose weight now, etc....

The only other thing we disallow is flaming, but that really isn't an issue on this board.
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I went to have a look at the spam thread, just to see what we are talking about. There are really two kinds of posts there. The posts that blatantly rack up post counts (like the countdown to a significant number), and the other chat type posts. Those chatty conversations could very well take place in a DT. And the advantage of that would be that those of us who never go to the spam thread would also get to know people a little better. That friendly banter could very well take place other places on the board. The one letter posts just to run up counts serve no other purpose, as far as I can tell, and I would hate to be a mod having to wade through all of them. So, that thread could be locked, the one letter or one number posts no longer permitted, and the chit chat can would be welcome in other threads, specifically the DT, and a new night owl thread.
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Yikes ! Now I feel really bad! I used the spam thread to get up to 300 'cause I wanted my new avatar up and running for my birthday present to myself.. . Like someone else stated, I assumed from the first post in the thread that it was "OK". Wouldn't mind if it was closed, but I admit that I don't often give long replies to anything, so I really wouldn't like a "character count" system. I do think its great that you moderators give us members a chance to talk about it though ! One small question from a newbie, what is a stickie??
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I've never participated in it, so I don't personally feel any need to hang on to the SPAM thread. I also completely understand a moderator's reluctance to sift through endless pages of one-word chat posts. My understanding is that the moderators here are all volunteer (is that correct?) - isn't it a little much to expect them to sort through all that stuff? As far as chatty stuff goes, there's the Daily Thread, as others have pointed out. I've also seen lots of chatty threads in the lounge every day, just sharing thoughts, ideas, jokes, fears, rants, etc.. I like the idea of using a Daily thread or Night Owls thread for chat - that way it doesn't become so huge, and such a chore to monitor.

I've certainly been guilty of responding to threads with a single smilie when I think that will get the point across without additional words - I use them to express appreciation of something cute or funny, or as support on a sad thread. I also like to bump the photoshopped Zoey thread, for smiles & laughs. If I shouldn't be doing those things, I'll certainly stop - or if you want to make it so the single-emoticon posts don't count, that's fine too. To me, the post count doesn't really matter at all, compared to the content of the messages. But I could see that it might be important to someone coming to the threads for advice, who might assume that a high post count automatically means that person is very experienced with cats.

Well, it is nice to have enough posts to have my cute custom (thanks, Sicy) avatar.
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Out of curiosity... (Because I really don't know) if the spam thread were deleted, would it effect a members post count?

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As Anne said, the thread would not be deleted. If could be closed, or it could be stored or?

A sticky is when there are important issues that Anne and the mods feel need to be seen. So they are stuck to the top of the forums. In the Behavior formum there are several stickies, same as the Health Forum. I believe the member's gallery is stickied as well. The problem with stickies IMO is that it takes them out of the interactive portion of these boards, and people no longer pay attention to them because they aren't bumpable- they are static. Unless directed to them, they do tend to get ignored after awhile, evidence of this being that new members will come on and ask a question that has been covered in a sticky post.

I waded through the SPAM post last night for really the first time, and these are my thoughts. There are some viable conversations taking place amidst the nonsense there. Perhaps the people who explored the boundaries of friendships and found them in between the nonsense, feel somewhat protected in doing that, and not so bare out in the open as they might posting in a Daily Thread or a Night Owl conversation. That is somewhat sad to me, because I have seen many friendships start here, support each other and go on to personal meetings and expand into great friendships of the flesh (as airprincess would say) To hide that gift within the realms of the spam thread is to cheat a lot of members out of the chance to get to know you as a person- because many members will skirt the Spam thread and not even read.

We cannot force anyone to join the mainstream of the board. But to be in that one thread and just assume that others may not like you for whatever reason, is not giving the board, or the fine members here a fair chance. I have seen a lot of that in my time here on the boards. People projecting their own emotions onto others because no one has answered a post of theirs.

In all fairness the mods try to see that posts are answered in their forums. We do volunteer for the position and sometimes no amount of money (if we were paid) would be worth some of the stuff we get thrown at us. Most of the mods have jobs and other interests during the day and can't always be johnny on the spot, though all of us do try. So if you have a post that you want answered and no one has, please just bump it up again until it does get noticed.

We all come here because we love cats, it is an added bonus when within the community friendships begin to form and ideas are shared, new cultures explored. We can't get to know you if you hide your worth in a spam thread.
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If I remember correctly the thread was started when Carrie lost a large number of her posts due to deleting posts with pics etc due to server issues. She went overnight from about 1000 post to about 200. The thread was so that she could get back where she was before.

I admit I do post in that thread. Some days more often then not. I have learnt alot about some of the people here from that thread as it is the closest to live chat there is here. I also often start the DTs. Those are some of my fav threads and after a while without them I was the one who started them again.

About the happy birthdays etc, I would still like those and cute pic threads/posts allowed as it means alot when people acknowledge you.

Most of my post were earned the old fashioned way, in threads other then the Spam thread. Sometimes it is fun just to be silly. From a moderator's standpoint I fully understand the need to moderate the board and it must be impossible to keep up with this thread.

I am fine with whatever decision is made as no matter what I will always have something to say here.
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Ady, I was just about to post that same info. The thread was originally started when Carrie wanted to get back to where she was count-wise. Obviously it sends the wrong message.

But the name of that thread was different. A number of members were into spamming at the time, and the Lounge Mods (I was one at the time) were going nuts trying to moderate the gajillions of spam threads going on at the time. Because a lot of it was chit-chat, it was decided to not ban the kind of "spam" that ups post count, but to merge all the spam-like threads into one giant thread, rename it, and allow anyone who wanted to spam to post in that one thread.

The issue, as I see it, is really two-fold.

1) Moderating spam is difficult and time-consuming.

2) Based on post-count, new members don't really know who's been a "valuable" contributor to the site or who's just been hanging out having fun, and most people turn to post-count to make that determination.

I see several solutions, some of which have been already suggested here.

a) Is it possible to make the posts in that one thread not count? Then people can chitchat if they feel comfortable there and not other places (which is a shame, I agree) and it won't rack up the post-count. Perhaps the first post in that thread could be edited to explain the site's thinking on spam (which would be that it is not encouraged, but allowed in that one thread without any of the posts counting).

BUT My concern about this option is that if it is possible to "turn off" the count from that thread alone, then does that undo the count of those posts? Many people seem concerned with that, and Anne doesn't want to retroactively "punish" people.

Also, the job of moderating it is still difficult and this solution doesn't address that part of the problem.

b) Perhaps TCS should consider banning "meaningless" posts. That would allow the one-smiley posts for those of us who want to participate but don't have a lot to say (or much time). Personally, I believe that just a laugh or a hug or a banging-my-head on the wall "smiley" is all that's needed sometimes.

The problem with this solution is that it turns moderating into a nightmare. One-letter posts have to be deleted, members have to be PMd, etc. It's a lot of work for the Lounge mods.

If we wanted to consider option b, then I'd vote for closing the spam thread and moving it to someplace no one can see it. Then it's not there to send the wrong message to people, but those who posted get to keep their post counts. THEN I think we start a new chit-chat thread or something, where members who used to participate in the giant spam thread can continue being silly - but the same sentence over-and-over posts and one letter posts etc. get deleted. Hopefully they wouldn't happen: we could have a mod start the thread with an explanation to the point of the thread and explaining that meaningless posts that are deemed to be for the purpose of upping post-counts will be deleted.

I just wanted to add - I hope those who spam should not feel "chastized" by this discussion. But I do feel if it's the only thing in which you really participate in on TCS, I'm sorry you're missing out on all the other wonderful stuff that goes on here.

For me, TCS is about a caring community of people who came together because of their cats, whether it was wanting to look at pics of other cats, a behavior question, or, like me, because kittens turned up in my yard and I didn't know what to do. I've learned a lot here and now help cats because of TCS, and I sure hope that happens for other people too.
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I am another who never thought about the spam thread being moderated and I can understand how difficult it must be. And it does send the wrong message. Back when I first joined thecatsite, I would go in there and take my turn spamming. And I did it because it looked like an accepted thing. Especially when I'd see moderators in there spamming too! But I grew bored with it quickly.

Last night I went in there to read some of the posts and saw it was just a continuation (failure to let go) of some of the problems going on here lately. It definately didn't look productive at all and in fact the more the chat about past events continued, the more people seemed to get upset.

I agree that chit chat could easily continue on in the DT thread. But I'd like to suggest spelling out "Daily Thread" since many people seemed not to know what it is. And that will continue as we get new members. Plus DT means DETOX TREMMORS! Ok, well maybe that is appropriate since most of us are addicted!

The more I think about it and the more I go back and read posts in the spam thread, the more I think it should just be closed and people can continue chating in the daily thread. I'd love to hear some of the conversations they have in there but don't have time to wade through the crap.

Ok.. I've given my .02 worth several times now! Peace-Out!
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I just took a look at the spam thread - all this meaningless counting down just to get to a certain point. I also have a suggestion - maybe we should not congratulate anyone who makes a certain number of posts - that encourages people to spam.
Also, I noticed some bad mouthing of some members in there that I found inappropriate.
We are a community with one thing (amongst others) in common - cats.
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I haven't been in the spam thread for a long time because it just didn't interest me. At the same time, I also didn't get to know many members because I didn't go in there. That doesn't mean I ignore some people. My time on TCS is usually limited, so I really do a 'hit & run' through the threads and try to keep up to date that way. I wouldn't have time to scroll through all the posts in that thread because of the sheer number.

Some boards do not reveal the post count, but instead only show the registered date of the member. In this way, you see if the member is an older member or newer one. I get to know a person through reading their words, not by looking at how many posts show up beside their screen name. In my eyes, I give the same credit to Karen you has 10 posts and Dan who has 5000. It's the words you type that define you, not the number. Just because you have 5000 posts doesn't make you smarter than a person with 50. There are many other criteria that just isn't accounted for when you base it soley on the number of posts.

Many people have seen the DT to be the place to catch up on people's lives, and if more people used it, there would be more interaction between the members and in turn more 'getting' to know people on a personal level because posting about their daily activities.
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I think I used the Spam thread twice since I've been here, because I thought it was a thread where we all could sort of chat. I didn't think of it as a thread to up the posting count. Anyway, after the two times I posted on it, I didn't do it again, so it wouldn't have any affect on me, one way or the other.

As far as short messages, I think they should count, because sometimes just one word, or a certain smilie is as meaningful as a long worded post. Sometimes just recieving a cyber hug from someone makes the world of difference to a person. Even a short Welcome to the site, is nice, as well, because you really don't know what else to say to someone, you really don't know that well.
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
In my eyes, I give the same credit to Karen you has 10 posts and Dan who has 5000. It's the words you type that define you, not the number. Just because you have 5000 posts doesn't make you smarter than a person with 50.

Like I said no one has ever come running to me for an emergency post needing help!
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Kellye the thread in question has been cleaned up now. If you see something we missed, please just report the post to a moderator. It is easy and quick and takes the mod right to the link in question so they don't have to wade through the endless posts to find it.

*any of you any time if you see a potential problem please report the post immediately instead of responding back in defense- so these type of problems can be handled quickly

This would help out ALL the moderators so much, as we don't have time to read every post.*

In regards to rule #7 if you want to leave, then simply leave, if you talk about leaving or bash the board in any way the posts will be removed. That is Anne's policy on this issue. And if you have a problem with this policy- take it up with Anne directly, I am sure she will be happy to discuss it with you.
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Kellye the thread in question has been cleaned up now. If you see something we missed, please just report the post to a moderator. It is easy and quick and takes the mod right to the link in question so they don't have to wade through the endless posts to find it
Hissy! DUHHHHHHHHH me! I forgot all about reporting it!
LOL! Thanks for reminding me!
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I don't have a problem with it unless it really is taking too much bandwidth or unless the particpants are using it to post inappropriate material.......which I don't think is the case. My time on here is usually short and I usually don't have the time to look at spam threads. It doesn't bother me as long as it mostly stays in one place. I'd be very unhappy if I opened "The Cat Lounge" forum and ALL I saw was nonsense threads.
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Well, the actual Spam thread got a bit out of control today. It is part of the rules that we be curteous to each other here, and that was becoming a problem in that thread.

I know some members and mods are anti-spam - but that is NOT why the thread was closed. It was closed pending a decision because it became too difficult to moderate. When things start happening in a thread like that, it can get fast and furious. Usually it's just folks having fun or being silly, just getting together chatting. But sometimes someone says something somebody else doesn't like - and it can start to get ugly. And when it starts to go south, it can be hard to pull in the reins.

I personally have nothing against the people who enjoyed that thread. I always viewed it as a kind of extended "trip" thread or something - a place where people can "cut loose" and be silly. As it affects the post counts, I've been of two minds, and I guess this just settled it for me.

The way I see it, for the most part, the chitchat that went on in the spam thread is just as easily handled with an instant messenger or something - it doesn't have to occur here. I think it's wonderful that Anne provides several places in The Cat Site for everyone to get together to chat about stuff that is non-cat related, and it's how we really get to know each other and develop friendships. I know I value many friendships I've made here, and I expect to meet a number of those people, though it being a world-wide community will make some of those meetings quite daunting, LOL!

Someone suggested perhaps Anne provide a real-time chat room instead of the spam thread - that that would meet the need of those who were posting there. I think Anne already said she doesn't want to host something like that. Personally, I think it would be impossible to moderate - especially with volunteer mods who all have other jobs.

I know that as an alternate solution someone suggested that perhaps the post count just be removed from the info on the posts. I wouldn't have a problem with that. But somewhere we'd have to be able to find our post count - because of the different options members can use at different post-count levels.

What do people think about removing post-counts from display on the posts. Maybe just making them available in the user profile or something?

Then instead of reopening the old giant spam thread, which by the nature of the first post in it sends the wrong message as to what's important at TCS, we start a just be silly thread or something? It'd be just as hard to moderate, but the ability to just goof around for those who want to will still exist, but the emphasis will no longer be on post counts.

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The idea of having post counts only in the user profile is fine with me. I really don't care too much either way.

I think the spam thread should just stay closed now. As is seen today, chit chat can just as easily occur in the Daily Thread (which I'd still like to see spelled out in the Subject line!) And Instant messengers are free and you can just as easily chat there. You can also create your own chat room and invite whoever you want to chat with you.

Just my humble opinion!
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Thank you for addressing this situation. I was getting 100's of emails a day from this thread just because I posted there for 2 days. I wasn't writing in just one word, or trying not too. I was having a convo with some people, but yes I do believe that should be put into an instant message. I also wanted to say you are all (moderators) are doing a great job and are great & nice people. Thanks for keeping such a great board in shape!! Hopefully, things can settle down! Good luck!
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Oops, I also wanted to add...post counts really shouldn't matter. I don't even think we should have it. I have been on here for 2 months, and I have a little over 300, that doesn't matter to me! I am glad just to be here with some great new friends.
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Originally posted by Lorie D.
One way for a newer member to tell if post counts were achieved mainly through spamming is to look at both the post count and the date the member registered. For example, if a member's registeration date is Sept 2003, and their post count is already something like 3039, then that member has been mostly just spamming.
That's not necessarily true. For example, Sicy has over 4000 posts and only about 200 or less were from spamming. Mine is similar. Some of us just have a lot to talk about and haven't been here that long I guess! There used to be a way to tell when the thread was still up. There were some who's spam count was in upwards of 30%- to close to 50% of their posts. But I don't care about that so much as it just being difficult for the mods to track and things getting carried away in there.
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Originally posted by caprice
Thank you for addressing this situation. I was getting 100's of emails a day from this thread just because I posted there for 2 days. I wasn't writing in just one word, or trying not too. I was having a convo with some people, but yes I do believe that should be put into an instant message. I also wanted to say you are all (moderators) are doing a great job and are great & nice people. Thanks for keeping such a great board in shape!! Hopefully, things can settle down! Good luck!
Just FYI, you can turn it off so you don't get notified everytime someone posts in a thread you've visited. And you can subscribe only to the threads you want to be notified on. That's what I do.
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
That's not necessarily true. For example, Sicy has over 4000 posts and only about 200 or less were from spamming. Mine is similar.

MODERATOR: Could you delete my last post please?
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Lorie, any one of us would be happy to, I'm sure.... but I don't think your post was offensive, and the subsequent discussion would then make no sense. I'm sure it's somthing that would come up again, and Tammie makes a valid point that others of us might not have considered. I think I would make the same assumption, and I'm glad Tammie had a chance to make her comment because of what some of us were thinking, but you were the first to say.... Still want someone to delete it?
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I have over 4000 posts but I registered in June, not September. I posted 195 times in the spam thread. And not always just to post one word. The rest of the time were legitimate replies. Mostly posting pictures of my cats I do like to talk alot and I like to reply to threads a lot. I spend about 12 hours a day online, so having 4000 posts in 4 or so months is not very hard for me to do. (just to clear that up )

After thinking about it more, I dont feel the need for the Spam thread to return. I also dont think a new one should be made. I like the DT's and I think the same thing can be achieved with those threads.

I dont really care about post counts. If you choose to hide them in the profiles that's fine with me. It's quality not quantity.
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Originally posted by Lorie D.
Originally posted by mzjazz2u


MODERATOR: Could you delete my last post please?
I wasn't offended by your post at all! No worries!
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I'm just really embarrased right now, so whatever the mods want to do about my post will be fine with me.
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