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success! Here's Soba

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Hooray. It worked. So here is one of my other kitties, Soba. Hes my only longhair and I'm not sure what breed he is but hes really cute.
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I agree, he is really cute!
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What a beaute!
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Oh GEEZ! Soba is GORGEOUS! Me want!
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He's a handsome boy. I have to ask, Nori and Soba, is there a theme going on here?
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what a beautiful cat . It kind of looks like a ragdol to me
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Oh my what a beautiful boy!
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He looks like Berkley! Berkley is a ragdoll(dad)/birman(mom) mix if that helps any
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Wow, what a gorgeous kitty! His eyes look voilet on my screen... they're so pretty.
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Soba is so Beautiful!!

okeefecl: Very observant! Ebi goes along with them also.
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What a beautiful fluffy kitty!
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Cute kitty!
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what a cutie, looks like he is living the life...
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Beautiful kitty, he is ! He could be a Himmie, looks a lot like my Sissy Sissy at catsite
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He is gorgeous! Looks like a ragdoll to me too!
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he is georgeous!!!
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