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finding a home

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I need some advice. I have two cats. One is a male Persian mix, between 3-4 years old. The other is an female orange tabby, almost two years old. I am entering a group home for people recovering from depression. Cats aren't allowed. I've heard of pet fostering programs for the military and I heard of one that fosters pets for people entering different recovery programs, but I'm having a hard time finding information for the state of Colorado. If I don't find something, I will have to find a good home for my cats, and that devastates me, because I love them so much, and I want the best for them. If I have to give them up, it may help if anyone knows how long it takes cats to "forget" their previous owners and adjust to their new ones. Anyone have any info?
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Where are you at in Colorado? I don't know if they offer this service, but The Cat Society in Lakewood seems like an awesome place.
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I found a tremendous amount of resources available by calling area vets. While they won't take them in for you, ask them for a referral to a local rescue or foster group. Some rescue groups also foster. Start with any cat specialists if in your area, then extend out to large vet clinics. They will be sympathetic to your problem, particularly if they know that you want to keep these kitties.
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Thanks for the information. You have no idea how much you both have helped me. Thanks again.
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Please look into the cat care society http://www.catcaresociety.org/

They are awesome! and I know they will take cats if you go homeless. so I Hope they will be willing to help you!

Good luck!
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