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Help with kitten after being neutered?

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We are first time male cat owners and We just got our 4 1/2 to 5 month old kitten neutered and when he came home aside from really hating the cone on his head he seemed okay. This morning we noticed is REALLY strong smell coming off of him. I actually had to sit by an open window for a bit because it was making me nauseous. I have a sensitive nose though, because while my boyfriend could smell it he was fine. Is this normal? The vet sent him home after keeping h ima while after the surgery, so they must have thought everything was okay? I was wondering if I could use some sort of baby shampoo to wash the area or if I should just leave it be because it's normal and will go away on its own?


Also, he developed a habit of sucking on things so we got him this fuzzy pillow to suck on, but with the cone he can't really do that and it's stressing him out. Would it be okay for us to take the cone off with supervision so he can? Or just make him ride it out? I feel really bad for him because he seems so unhappy. :( Any answers/opinions would be great, thanks. 

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Don't use anything on him. The smell is a combination of the anesthesia and his urine. Any kind of product you put on him will increase the chances of an infection.


Don't take the cone off. That would allow him to get at the surgical spot and tear it up. Again, increased chance of infection.


You are just going to have to tough it out, and so is he. I would be unhappy too if I had just been neutered. Just give him some extra love and attention for the next few days.

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You may want to call the vet after 24 hours and ask if it would be OK to remove the cone with supervision. I have had at least 5 cats neutered and NONE came home with a cone, none of my spayed ones either! They just said to watch them and if they started to bother the stitches badly to call.None ever did! My males were up and normal, running and jumping within 24 hours. The poor females took a lot longer. But no matter what you do, clear it with your vet first. I agree that the odor is most likely normal from the surgery.

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Sorry to sound kind of naive, but does just general grooming count as bothering the stitches badly? He didn't come home with the cone on, they gave us one to put on when he got home so maybe it was just in case he needed it? 

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I've never used a cone on a kitty after a spay or neuter and have never had any problems.  If you keep an eye on the incisions, he should be fine.

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If the smell persists, its ALWAYS ok to call the vet to double check on things. Its probably just pee tho, and he hasn't been able to clean his butt for 24 hours, when he probably normally does it every 30 minutes ;) Most cats are ok without the cone. If he really starts obsessively licking the area, or biting at it, then put the cone on him, and you can always put it on him if you have to leave him alone. But if you're going to be watching him while he's sucking on his pillow, it should be fine!

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I agree it's probably his pee, partially, but I think they also use some kind of smelly pre-surgery scrub stuff. Because every cat I've ever had fixed came home just reeking, and it's not totally a urine smell. So probably a pee/Betadine mixture laughing02.gif. Phew! If he's not smelling better in a couple days you should probably call the vet, but give him some time to clean himself up. You can wipe him with a damp cloth to help out, but no baths until he's fully healed.

I have never used a cone, either. And I've had a lot of cats fixed. Only one female ever picked at her stitches, the males are always just fine. Some vets don't even use stitches for males, and even if they did pull the stitches out, what's going to happen? Nothing is going to fall out tongue.gif .
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