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Microchipping effect on cats?

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Our humane society is considering offering a program to microchip dogs and cats (adoptees and an open clinic). We're considering doing this without a vet (but with vet techs), and am concerned about possible adverse effects of the insertion process.

Has anyone had experience with the actual insertion of the chip (you vet techs out there), and what is your opinion of the procedure being done without a vet present?

Has anyone had their cat microchipped, and did you notice any ill effects by the procedure? Who did the insertion (your vet or a clinic)?

Thanks for any input!!
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I'm not a vet tech or clinic (sorry) but both of my cats have been microchipped and I didnt notice anything strange at all afterwards.

Its funny, when I went to get Saki, I was playing with him and his brother, and I picked up his brother and felt a plastic thing sticking out of his back.. I was like :censor::censor::censor: is this? So I told the lady that was in charge there that there was something weird sticking out of a kittens back. Well, she went to go look, she rolled her eyes and kind of smiled and picked him up and proceeded to walk into the back room. It was a microchip!! Whoever inserted it did a half-@$$ job I guess... so she was back in like 2 minutes, chip safely under the skin.

It was strange I never actually saw what one looked like before. They're really small and just go right under the skin. I dont think it effects the cat at all.

Sorry if that had nothing to do with your question I just thought it was an interesting story to share
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The chips are inserted with a large needle - good thing little Saki didn't bleed from the removal and reinsertion!
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It was his brother that had the microchip problem, not Saki.. but yeah I do know they use a needle.. strange thing the kitten was just fine when she brought it back just a couple minutes later.. no bleeding or anything

I dont think they would suffer any kind of reaction, because its not as if they are inserting medicine or anything like that into the cat. But who knows, I wouldnt be surprised if one person out there has a microchip horror story.
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I've only had one of my dogs microchipped (it was originally done by the vet tech)and the chip ended up migrating down into her shoulder. I guess its really rare for the chips to migrate (maybe it was just not inserted properly the first time). The vet inserted a second chip between her shoulder blades....the first chip is still in her shoulder but has not moved since and has not caused an harm. Overall I think microchips are a good idea.
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I think microchipping is a great idea. I have not heard anything about adverse reactions, but a google search might help?
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Microchipping generally isn't done by a vet, it's usually the technician or the assistant. Putting the chip in is very easy, not really much different than giving any other injection. Chipping your pet really is a great idea; the hospital I work at does work with the local animal services, and we scan every animal they bring to us first thing.
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I had all 3 of my cats chipped. We havent had any problems at all. They were done by a Vet tech at the shelter. Not a real vet, just an assistant type I guess. They suggest not doing young kittens only since the needle is so big. They mentioned the possibility of the chips migrating, apparently certain kinds are apt to do that, and also possibly if it is done poorly. So far all 3 of mine are fine and the chips are in the same place. I didnt notice any reaction to them at all.
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I watched the tech put Peaches' chip in. She used this contraption that looked like a pricing gun and it was really quick! Peaches never even flinched. It reminded me of someone having their ears pierced at the mall!
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At the clinic I work at we like to do the microchipping at the same time the kitten or puppy is desexed when under anaesthetic as it is a fairly big needle for a baby but it can easily be done at any time. As microchips are only a fairly new thing many people bring their cats (and dogs) in to have it done while they are wide awake and 99.9% of the time there are no problems and the kitties rarely even flinch. Its really quick so that by the time they notice its all over. I have all my kitties microchipped and have no problems at all - its definitely well worth doing.
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I have had 5 cats microchipped. My 4 Pixie-Bobs and a Bob cat. There was no side effects. The chipping was done by my vet, not the technician. If you are considering getting your cat chipped, make sure your local shelters have the scanner to read it. If your cat would get lost and picked up, no one would know who it belongs to if they were unable to read the chip. Getting your pets chipped is one of the best ideas I have seen
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